Attitude Is Everything: The Forgotten DX Founder

Sideshow DX

By the second Raw after Summerslam 97 business really started to pick up. We saw Shawn Michaels turn on the fans, Rocky Maivia join the nation of domination, and a solid two months of Paul Bearer screeching “Kane is Alive!”


The biggest development we saw at this time was the formation of a group that changed the “attitude” of the WWF. They would later be dubbed “D-Generation X” but for now they were just Shawn Michaels, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, and Chyna…

DX No RudeWait… Something’s missing…


DX Rick RudeThat’s better


Yeah, Rick Rude was the “insurance policy” of D-Generation X. During his time, the Ravishing One never competed in the ring but was ringside for their matches. His job consisted of calling the audience fat and lazy, introducing the group of degenerates, and, of course, using that handy bief case for other things than carrying paperwork.

Rude was only with the ground breaking group for 3 months and his presence with the group was soon forgotten about. His departure from the group, and the company, was not on good terms.


As the story goes, after the Montreal Screwjob, Rude got on the phone with Eric Bischoff. Bischoff signed Rude to a contract with WCW where he would join the NWO.

On November 17, 1997, the sexiest man alive appeared on both WCW Monday Nitro and WWF Raw Is War.


Rick Rude Nitro

At the time Nitro was live and Raw is War was taped almost a week in advance. I guess that’s how Rude appeared on Raw sporting a full beard and arrived on Nitro with his signature moustache.

On Nitro, Rude had some choice words for his former DX family and the WWF. Clearly upset about the events of Survivor Series, he called the WWF the Titanic. He spoke of abandoning the sinking ship for the WCW.


wwf buy wcwYeah. Sinking ship, alright


Rude isn’t the only often forgotten member of the group. Before DX expanded to include The New Age outlaws and X-Pac, Rude was replaced, one week la.

I know what you’re thinking. Who could possibly replace Ravishing Rick Rude? The answer is so obvious…

 Handsome Harvey 1


There you have it. Handsome Harvey! He was only around long enough to introduce DX and get shoved out of the ring by The Heartbreak Kid, but some would say D-Generation X never would have been the same without the Handsome one…

Ok, maybe nobody ever said that, but you never know.


Handsome Harvey… I mean Ravishing Rick Rude, the forgotten founder of D-Generation X.