My Official Review [TNA Impact of 5-30-2013]


=========================== Open Scene ================================

Tampa kicks things off somewhere in the dark reaches of the arena which is where tonight’s meeting of Aces & Eights starting off. The leader of the pack, Bully Ray Dudley focuses every members’ attention on the three matters of business for the night; AJ Styles, AJ Styles, and AJ Styles.

Showing the heart side of the family has D Lo Brown patting Mr Anderson on the shoulder and voicing his condoelscenes for AJ Styles not joining Aces & Eights despite all of the advances Anderson had been putting forward. And showing that every action does have an equal reaction, Anderson rebuts D Lo’s empathy with a boastful beat down – much to the rest of the gang’s approval and acceptance.
Now we have Bully Ray and Devon Dudley proclaiming their pride and devotion to all things they have and foresee coming to them. That Devon will be shutting Joseph Park up and putting him out for good. And even though Sting has beaten some good talent in his past, there is one person Bully Ray and Sting share a win over – Jeff Hardy.

The focused difference by Bully Ray is that Sting just pinned Jeff Hardy. On the other hand, Bully Ray pinned Hardy, demolished Hardy, shelved, and took the TNA Heavyweight Championship from Hardy all in one night.


Match #1.            Sting & Joseph Park        -vs-        Bully Ray & Devon Dudley

A bar room brawl starts things off outside of the ring for several sharp minutes before Sting and Bully Ray meet one another at center ring via a devastating double-clothesline. From that point, the tag team brothers exploit almost all avenues to gain and regain the advantage during the match. Frequent fresh tags alongside a constant challenger in Park is what made for a watchful match to the arena audience and television viewers.

That all led to a flawed tandem Scorpion death lock by Park with Sting and damaged “Was’up” before the sound of things changed dramatically. That change came by way of Abyss’ theme music hitting the airwaves of the arena, causing Bully Ray to set himself up at the ramp preparing to take on the misfit giant. And whilst the President of Aces & Eights distracted (waiting for someone who never makes his physical presence known at this time), Sting gains the final pin fall.

Results: Sting by pin fall.


We leave the bewildered tag team ending to find Kurt Angle interviewed regarding the recent steps and misleading steps of AJ Styles. Concerning Styles recent attacks on him, Angle won’t forget all things that have happened to him because of AJ. Regarding Styles refusing to join Aces & Eights last week, Angle maintains that there is still a mutual respect between the two of them. Putting both of those points together though, Angle doesn’t know how far that mutual respect honestly goes and he will be watching Styles match later tonight closely…very closely.


Back to the ring…

When we get back there we are gleefully greeted by TNA President, Dixie Carter. She recaps for one and all what is in store at this coming Sunday’s pay-per-view. But as she gets to boosting how TNA’s 11th anniversary broadcast will, with good luck in mind, be celebrating Sting regaining the championship gold is when DOC, Bischoff and Briscoe join and corner Dixie. With her nearly cowardly cornered not knowing neither what she could do nor what the three members of Aces & Eights have in mind for her is when a two man rescue hits the ring.

Samoa Joe and Magnus make the save and chase off the threat of violence. However, they don’t cause the threat to go too far away, but far enough for Dixie to safely leave the ring followed by Joe challenging Garrett Bischoff to a match right then and there.


Match #2.            Samoa Joe          -vs-        Garrett Bischoff

With the best of intentions being played out by Joe and all cruel intentions being held within Garrett, the two men do seem to jointly put forward a half-valiant effort towards a clean toe-to-toe tussle. All those intentions did not last long before the remaining outside forces of Aces & Eights get involved. The mayhem that ensues as a direct result leads to Samoa Joe suicide diving to the outside and taking down all three opponents.

Results: Samoa Joe via disqualification

The Samoan Submission Machine wasn’t done with those three with that though. As a contingency plan in his back pocket (don’t look, Joe doesn’t really wear shorts with pockets anywhere…front, back, or side. It’s just this writer using an expression), Samoa lets us all known of a newly sanctioned match for this Sunday…

Bischoff & Briscoe & Doc will be facing. . . Samoa Joe and Magnus and (wait for it) . . . (wait for it) . . . JEFF HARDY!


Camera changes over to a head shot of James Storm with Gunner standing alongside one another. Storm reports that he has been hearing people question him, “Why Gunner? Why did you choose Gunner to be your tag partner?” With James not being a man of many long words, he quickly dispels all concerns but putting forward, “When you go to war, you best bring a killer with you!”

And with that both men march off scene.


From there we go to an unsteady sit down involving Hulk and Brooke Hogan.

Hulk huffs and puffs over Brooke’s recent hint and winks towards Bully Ray. Brooke acknowledges what her father has been noticing and shrugs this off as her simply being unsure of she truly feels about her husband (as far as the term “husband” can be used for the ploys and purposes pertaining to TNA trends and such that is).

So Hulk decides to refocus their joint sights for the time being.

He takes this time them setting their sights and energy towards this upcoming Sunday which will be when and where Sting restores the power back to TNA when he wins them the championship gold. To which Brooke voices that she is not sure how she feels about the likelihood of Sting  being able to all that especially taking into account who he will have do it against.

And with that we leave the Hogans seemingly unaligned and unfocused as they were when we first arrived on the scene.


Match #3. Bad Influence / Austin Aires & Bobby Roode  -vs- Hernandez & Guerrero / Storm & Gunner

This match starts off with ambushing onto Daniels by Gunner followed closely by explosive tussle for Gunner against Roode (an ambush and explosion that every fan felt and enjoyed seeing). A chaotic cycle of tags by the heels allow for strategic isolation of Chavo , all the while each man of the heel side of the ring being able to showcase what got them all this close to be the next tag champs of the league. A showcasing which is quickly quenched to Super Mex finally getting the hot tag and making a mighty mess of bodies. A mess which led the way to Gunner gaining legal access into the ring and applying his torture rack onto Aires.

Results: Hernandez & Guerrero / Storm & Gunner by submission.


The second club meeting for Aces & Eights has a newly infuriated leader of pack resetting all of the members’ focus for the second time in the same time. Anderson is still to be set to take out AJ later tonight, but after tonight every else is about to get their marching orders.

Brother Devon is to take Joseph Park; a future endeavour that Devon testifies (Yeah, that’s right I made THAT kind of reference) shall be done.

Bischoff, Briscoe, and Doc are  bestowed with the newly founded task of not only winning their 6 man tag match, but to reshelf “The Human Enigma” that is Jeff Hardy . . . an entrant that still has Bully Ray dumbfound, “Where the hell did he come from?!”

And this meeting is called adjourned when the pack’s president puts out the decree that whoever does not fulfill their assignment might just find themselves in the same position that D Lo Brown found himself in earlier this evening.

Meeting ends.


A flashback to last week brings us back memories of how the TNA Knockout’s Championship changed owners last week. The new owner of said belt, Mickie James, now in the ring celebrating her newly earned championship title. She thanks her supporters and fans; both of wrestling and music, for continuously encouraging her to get to where we find her tonight. In the next breath she does acknowledge that she also has doubters around her; doubters surrounding how she got to the most recent stage of her wrestling career. As such, she invites Velvet Sky (aka most recent former Knockout’s Champion) to join her in the ring.

Velvet shows her usual sweet self as she too calls out to those who have been supporting her during this current recovery she has been going through regarding her damaged knee. Sky also demonstrates her bitter self by invoking her rematch clause…and she wants it for this Sunday.

In rebuttal, Mickie would like nothing more than to allow such a rematch to happen but alas Mickie already has a scheduled opponent for that night; Taryn. It is then that another diva makes her loud presence known; Gail Kim. Kim cuts out the cheeriness from the ring with her dry demands that she will be the near future champion. A demand that Kim follows up with by attacking Velvet at her weakest point, her bandaged knee.

And while Mickie decides that she’d best stay out of this clash there was someone who would take up the fight. Taryn Terrell thunders to the ring and staves off Gail from inflicting much more damage to the already damaged damsel.


Match #4.  Gail Kim & Kenny King   -vs-   Taryn Terrell & Chris Sabin

Taryn picks up where the last segment left off by giving Gail a boatful of brutality to the unbalanced point of a twin pack of two-counts. This being a mixed gender match up, when Gail tagged out it forces the masculine representatives to step is from both sides. Kenny’s whirlwind of moves in the ring leads to King gaining the upper hand. Another dual load of 2 counts unravels to yet another exchange of mixed gender executions in the ring and an eventual cross-leg suplex by Sabin onto Kenny for the pin.

Results: Chris Sabin by pin fall.

With both of the male representatives being involved in this Sunday night’s X-Division Championship, not all things end there. Sabin strings us all along as he recounts the injuries and recovery he has had to endure for the last two years and he leads us to believe that it will not all be in vain as he will be champion in two days. Sabin probably would have had more to say but King attacks from behind before we could have learned any more from Sabin. (Did I mention that the X-Division match on Sunday is a 3-way? Because that’s going to be an important detail soon). The professional wrestler known as Suicide tackles not only the ring, but he also charges King inside out and outside of the ring. (See. I told you it was going to be an important detail).


Match #5.            Mr. Anderson –vs- AJ Styles

Mister Anderson makes a starts off with a solo stance in the ring and AJ Styles responds with a humbug march to meet up with his adversary. Anderson starts in command of the ground and pound even before the bell rings to make this whole affair official. But no sooner are things made official then does the reign of command switch hands and we have AJ controlling the pound and ground game. Shades of phenomal physique outside of the ring are then mixed in well with the in ring methodical mannerism that make up AJ nowadays. But then again, a strategically placed eye poke and DDT volley to the mat brings everything back to the cocky representative of Aces & Eights.

Furthermore, both sides once again show that neither side will go down without one helluva of struggle stressed by them. A struggle which is eventually cut off thanks to an Olympic sized run in by Kurt Angle. Angle has stopped watching this match from which ever undisclosed vantage point he was at before and stepped in to start beating down on Lone Wolf that is AJ Styles. Not wanting to purposefully look a gift horse in the mouth, Mister Anderson waits for the near perfect time to not only join in on beat down but to include Angle as a victim and signal for the remainders of his brothers in leather to come down and join in all the fun.

This gives way to what appears to be all the talent we have already seen at least once in action tonight to meet in a thunderous throw down in the ring. Ultimately it all leads down to what was attempted in tonight’s opening match up, only this time The Dudley Boys are successful in executing the 3D onto Sting. And the night ends with TNA talent laying in scattered formation around the ring and Aces & Eights standing with joined hands raised in the ring still united.

Next up….we and they are all Boston bound!

=======================End Scene=============================