Attitude Is Everything: The Fall Of Mr. McMahon



Throughout the attitude era there were many great heels. A story and a match is just so much more enjoyable when you despise one of the people involved. During this time, no man was more despised than Mr. McMahon.

Man, he was good… Or bad, I guess. He was everything people wanted to rebel against.

Imagine what Stone Cold Steve Austin would have been without Mr. McMahon.

Hollywood Blondes
But what happened?…

I’m having a really hard time watching Mr. McMahon these days. Is he a baby face or a heel?

Don’t get me wrong, some guys blur that line really well. The chairman, on the other hand, plays one extreme to the next every night.

He’s become the utility player of the WWE.

What’s a utility player? In music, a utility player is the guy in the band that stands at the back and switches instruments throughout the night depending on what each song calls for.


When Vickie Guerrero  and Brad Maddox need to be straightened out, send in baby face Mr. McMahon to make them look like fools.

Yet, a few weeks ago, when Stephanie McMahon was getting booed for not allowing Triple H to fight that night, Mr. McMahon was full on heel.

I don’t like him, and I don’t hate him. That’s a huge problem, because, it means I don’t care.

The other problem right now is the bickering between McMahon, Stephanie, and Triple H. It makes no sense. I have no idea what any of their agendas are. They’re simply disagreeing to give Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox some TV time.

When the three most powerful people in WWE are being used for a Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox story line, you have to assume, some wires crossed somewhere.

I like to think that, somewhere down the line, Guerrero and Maddox will be cut out completely and this will actually get interesting when the family collides.

Now, more than ever, the WWE could use a great heel. With CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler both making the move to baby face, a really good villain is needed.
Could it ever be the same as Austin VS McMahon? Probably not, but McMahon VS Guerrero sure isn’t cutting it.