Laundry Day On Prime Time Wrestling


Let’s have a look at an under-appreciated clip from Prime Time Wrestling in the early ’90s, shall we?

This interview with the Ultimate Warrior centers around a recent attack at the hands of The Undertaker that resulted in the Warrior being locked inside of a casket.  After such a morbid event, he must confront the dozens of tough questions that follow, not the least of which ought to have been…


…what in the sweet hell is with those overalls?!!  Did Warrior’s character have a contracting business on the side? “Paints Unknown”, maybe?

Just as distressing is his out-of-nowhere decision to answer all of McMahon’s questions like it’s an episode of Inside The Actors Studio.  No yelling?  No snorting?  Halfway through, I started to worry that he was going to agree to disagree with The Undertaker and let bygones be bygones.

Thankfully, McMahon’s competitive nature livens things up with his “You Think THAT’S Ugly? Come At Me, Bro!” choice of tracksuit….thing.   You could spend the entire video trying to sort out if that pattern is dominoes or hieroglyphs, but, regardless, you had to know that Vince wasn’t going to be one-upped, even at something as trivial as alarmingly-poor clothing decisions.

Equally hilarious are McMahon’s continued attempts to persuade Warrior into selling his time inside the casket as something other than a disappointing nap.  Can you believe the WWF was at the beginning of a prolonged down period for business at this point?!!

Finally, and only slightly more subtly, is Bobby “The Brain” Heenan’s two-word contribution to this fashion battle: China Club.


You’d be forgiven for assuming that maybe it was Heenan’s newest villainous tag team because…y’know…because we’re watching WWF programming after all!  Instead, it’s ….either a 3-floor restaurant in Hong Kong or a nightclub in New York.  Regardless, who goes out for dinner and says, “I think I’ll ask the waiter if they have any white tracksuits when he comes back…”?!

Ultimately (…sorry), this clip deserves your attention because it’s the only time in documented WWF history that The Undertaker could have stormed in and been the most stylishly-dressed man on camera.



SERIOUSLY, though.  It’s a dark day for the WWF when this guy’s practically Clark Gable!