My Wife’s PPV Picks: Summerslam



Each month I like to ask my wife for her picks for the upcoming PPV. She doesn’t watch WWE with me but she usually has petty surprising accuracy. Here are her picks, against mine, for Summerslam.


United States Championship

Dean Ambrose (Champion) VS. Rob Van Dam


Sideshow: Rob Van Dam


Don’t get me wrong, I believe in The Shield. There isn’t much heat going into this match, unfortunately, but, between these two, you know it’ll be exciting. While the lack of heat made me think that the title won’t change hands, this would be a perfect time to put gold around the returning RVD’s waist. It wasn’t an easy decision, but I’m going with RVD.


Mrs. Show: Rob Van Dam


Just because.


Natalya VS. Brie Bella


Sideshow: Brie Bella


A match that was set up by a “reality” TV show. I’ll tell you won’t win… the fans. It’s really unfortunate but I think the WWE has no other plans for Natalya but to put over other divas. So, I have to go with Brie. Hey remember when she had the nipple slip a couple of weeks ago on Raw. That took a train wreck of an episode of Miz TV and made it worth watching. Maybe we can count on a wardrobe malfunction to make this one bearable.


Mrs. Show: Brie Bella


Brie is the star of that new show.


Mixed Tag Match

Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn VS. Big E Langston & AJ Lee


Sideshow: Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn


First of all, I don’t want to watch Ziggler in a mixed tag match. I would have preferred a singles match between Ziggler and Langston, but this is what  we’ve been given. The match lost a lot of heat when Langston and AJ lost to The Great Kali and Natalya on Raw. If you refer to my last prediction (Natalya VS. Brie Bella) you’ll see that I don’t see the brightest future for Natalya, so to have AJ lose so easily to her makes me think there isn’t a lot riding on this match. Oh yeah, let’s not forget that Langston god bitch slapped by Kali. I like to think that AJ and Langston were being punished for something behind the scenes with that match.

I’ll take my prediction one step further and say Kaitlyn will make the pin.


Mrs. Show: Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn


I hate AJ! She’s so dramatic!


Ring Of Fire Match

Kane VS. Bray Wyatt


Sideshow: Bray Wyatt


I like what they did here. Introduce a villain that could make us forget that Kane spent the last year “hugging it out.” I wanted a more sinister Kane, and I think that’s what they are trying to give us. However, I also think the more sinister Kane is being used to set up a big push for Wyatt. I have to say, I like Bray Wyatt. His promos actually remind me of Mankind circa 1997.

Follow the buzzards.


Mrs. Show: Kane


He’s less “weird” creepy.


Cody Rhodes VS. Damien Sandow


Sideshow: Cody Rhodes


This match could be a good push for Cody Rhodes, after all Sandow got his push by winning the Money In The Bank ladder match. I see this as a comic relief match with a happy ending.


Mrs. Show: Cody Rhodes


Does he still have his mustache?  (Yes)

Then that’s why. That and he threw that briefcase in the water.


World Heavyweight Championship

Alberto Del Rio (Champion) VS. Christian


Sideshow: Christian

Another match without much heat. The only thing being pushed leading up to this match is Christian’s quest for “one more match.” Win or lose, Christian will be the story of this match. I’m giving Christian a slight “Edge”. (Haha get it?)


Mrs. Show: Christian


He’s from Toronto.


CM Punk VS. Brock Lesnar


Sideshow: CM Punk


The story here is CM Punk and Paul Heyman, not Brock Lesnar. A win for CM Punk will open up the door for more between Punk and Heyman. I’d love to see more “Paul Heyman Guys” come out of the woodwork to try to take out punk.


Mrs. Show: Brock Lesnar


Because he’s a bad guy… and he’s bigger.


WWE Championship

Special Referee Triple H

John Cena (Champion) VS. Daniel Bryan


Sideshow: John Cena


I really hope I’m wrong on this one. I’m sure if the WWE Universe had their way, Bryan would win this one. By the end, this match will be more about Mr. McMahon and Triple H. I’d love to see Daniel Bryan take the title, but I just think the story is more about the other people involved. McMahon will get involved and cost Bryan the match.


Mrs. Show: Daniel Bryan


I’m sick of John Cena and I think Triple H is ready to mix things up a bit. Yes! Yes! Yes!