G’s review of TNA Impact (12 September 2013)



Tonight starts with the World Champion, Bully Ray Dudley, entering the ring with Brooke in tow. He is obviously in a bad mood tonight but is still willing to forgive his vice president, Mr. Anderson, and refocus everyone in Aces & Eights towards Hulk Hogan. After hearing his name, Hulk Hogan himself comes out onto the entrance platform with microphone in hand.


Hogan relates the president of Aces & Eights to that of the atypical cry baby. Hulk goes on to guarantee that there will be a definite winner in the Bound for Glory tournament tonight. Plus, he directs Bully Ray to concentrate his attention on his own match for the night against his own gang’s vice president, Mr. Anderson. After hearing his name, Mr. Anderson follows suit and walks out onto the entrance with microphone in hand.


Mr. Anderson walks past Hogan, who has his hand stretched out for a handshake, and marches straight into the ring to be alongside Bully Ray and Brooke. Bully Ray calls out for his vice president to apologise so that all can be forgotten, so that all can go back to normal, and they as a whole can get back to what is really important. With such a preposition put to him, Mr. Anderson does what most would say was the obvious thing and punches Aces & Eights’ president out of the ring.


And with a now bewildered Bully Ray at ring side, Hogan decides to declares for one and all that the match up between Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson will now be a “Last Man Standing” match up.




# 1. Bound For Glory Tournament Semi-Final

Austin Aries -vs- AJ Styles


This first of two semi finals starts with a superb showcase of chain wrestling between both men and ends with Aries drop kicking AJ to the outside. That does not last long when Styles returns the favours and send Austin to the outside with his own flavour for flare and wrestling fireworks. From there, the two men trade blows in opposing corners for kicks and punches at center of the ring.


Austin is the first to attempt a big move on his opponent when he trials a crucifix which is reverted into a backbreaker and leads to close two count. This brings AJ to attempt a finisher only to have Aries grab for the ropes and quash the attempt entirely. With a quashed attempt now behind him, AJ follows Austin’s attempt of a suicide dive to the outside with a springboard cover from the top rope, another two counts comes from that.


A second attempt at a ‘Styles Clash” leads to Aries converting it into a helluva hurricana. With what looks like the lead being within Austin’s grasp, Aries goes for a signature 450 splash which is flushed into a successful “Styles Clash” from the 2nd rope for the end of this match up.


Results: AJ Styles via pin fall.



We find 3/4’s of the Main Event Mafia in their private locker room as Sting starts to upsell Magnus for himself. Sting claims that Magnus only two wins away from being a TNA World Champion – much like the rest of Main Event Mafia members already have been. Magnus respectfully thanks all the other member of the Mafia for their actions and support, but states that his future of being a champion is going to happen tonight.


A declaration that Sting and Joe are pleased to hear. =============================================================================


# 2. Bound For Glory Tournament Semi-final

Magnus  -vs- Bobby Roode


Bobby starts this off with stomping Magnus in the corner and is followed with an explosive clothesline by Magnus onto his opponent, which sends Bobby to the outside and leave Magnus alone in the ring. Magnus does not stay there long before he brings himself outside and is rewarded for doing so by having Roode introducing him into the ring steps quick and loud. With both men soon in the ring together after that, Roode suplexes Magnus into a two count of disbelief. After a failed sleeper by Bobby, Magnus regains the reigns of the match via another explosive clothesline and is led to another two count.


Magnus locks in his cloverleaf onto Roode which seems to last almost long enough for the win, but is eventually broken by a rope hold. With a near finish of that magnitude, Bobby decides to attempt a fisherman suplex only to have it reversed into a roll up, which leads to a final three count.


Results: Magnus via pin fall.



We are brought backstage to see an enraged Bobby Roode. Roode starts to lash out on his surroundings when Christopher Daniels and Kazarian approach him to calm things down. With all three men now on the scene, Roode proclaims that Hulk Hogan screwed them all from being in the finals. Bobby continues to demand that since none of them are going to be in the finals, then there will be no one to make it to the finals. And with that, all three men march off the scene. =============================================================================


Next, we find Hogan sitting down with the man formerly known as Suicide but is now going by the name of Manik.


Hogan hypes Manik’s latest bouts of greatness as Manik stays seated and listens loosely as his near past endeavours are reviewed before putting forward his own insight. His own insight acknowledges his own accomplishments but wants to challenge himself yet again as he nearly demands but more closely calls for a match against Jeff Hardy. A request which a happy Hogan is all to good to grant.


With that, Manik steps out as Dixie Carter steps in.


Dixie Carter informs Hogan of what she has learned thanks to a meeting earlier in the day with the attorneys from Bellator. Related to the actions and reactions between Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson on previous weeks’ TNA shows, Bellator are forcing TNA to stop all future engagements of both men in order to protect their own PPV interests for November 2. Hogan  is more than happy to feed Tito to Rampage for that date, if not even sooner.



Bully Ray is still in total disbelief at what has been happening, at how his vice president has been showing so much disrespect, and at how little the rest of Aces & Eights have done during this whole ordeal has unveiled. He pushes forward with his beliefs that the remainder of Aces & Eights want Bully Ray to be dethroned, they want Mr. Anderson as president, and that he is now the marked man. But Bully Ray knows that Aces & Eights will, eventually, do the right thing. ==============================================================================


# 3. TNA World Heavy Weight Championship

(stipulation: Last Man Standing)

Mr. Ken Anderson -vs-  Bully Ray Dudley (with Brooke)


Anderson does not want to wait any longer than he already has, he shows this by taking the fight straight to Bully Ray while he is still on the entrance platform. A flurry of fury from corner to corner leads Anderson to bring Dudley’s forehead blindly into the announcer’s table then into the ring steps. Bully Ray does gain a break from the rampage thanks to a raking of his challenger’s eyes, which is quickly followed up with an assault of his own while Brooke is sent off to get Bully Ray a steel chair. When Brooke returns with the chair in hand, it is Anderson who forces it to crumble across Bully Ray’s back.


Bully Ray is laid out at the center of the ring by Anderson. With the champion nestled there for the time being, Mr. Anderson brings himself outside of the ring, pounds his own chest, and demands himself “to get the tables!”


With Anderson and the unfolded table now in the ring, Bully Ray takes this time to bring the crumbled steel chair onto Anderson’s back. Bully Ray follows that up with setting the table, still unfolded, in the far corner. Next, Bully Ray pushes his luck with the referee as he declares that the ref will do whatever he says and that he best not do anything else. Luck not being with him this night, the referee barks back reminding Ray that he is the law in the ring not the other way around. A socially stunned TNA Champion, who does not need anyone else to go against him without any retort, pushes the ref into the corner which causes the ref to be down and out.


As Ray turns his own attention back to the match itself, Anderson performs a “Mic Check” with Ray’s head into what is left of the steel chair before attempting to revive the referee for his own good sake. This is when the remaining members of Aces & Eights make their way to the ring, is when Brooke makes her way into the ring low-blows Anderson, and is when Bully Ray demands his gang to triple-powerbomb Anderson. With that, Bully Ray successfully revives the referee to start a count.


The count gets to 8 before Anderson makes it to his feet.


Bully Ray responds now with steel chain wrapped around his hand and then brings his hand and chain into Anderson skull full throttle. Another count starts, only to stop at 8 yet again. And thus Bully Ray brings the rest of Anderson crashing into the table at the far corner and calls for the referee to start counting again. This time the count reaches all the way to 10.


Results: Bully Ray Dudley via 10 count.


As paramedics and ringside crew members gather to brace Anderson onto the stretcher and bring him out of the ring, Bully Ray takes a New York minute to recoup himself before turning his attention back to his most recent challenger. Bully Ray rushes to the entrance way and shoves everyone out of his way, he knocks Anderson off the stretcher, jerks off the Aces & Eights vest off of Anderson, and then drops an already defeated opponent into the platform via a devastating pile driver. ==============================================================================================


After the commercial break that follows we have the TNA Tag Team Champions, James Storm and Gunner taking up the ring entirely to themselves alone. Both men were originally going to just sit back and watch the finals of the Bound for Glory tournament while knocking back a few cold ones, but have resorted to having a good time by other means. They put forward an open challenge to any and all wrestlers for a shot the tag titles. To that they are joined in the ring by Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez.


Chavo puts forward comparison of James Storm being one-half of the greatest tag team to that of him being one-half of other great tag teams as well as Gunner being one of the strongest TNA talents to that of Hernandez being the other strongest TNA talent. And as such, it would only be right for the four of them to fight for the right to regain or retain the TNA tag team championships.


On behalf of the current tag team champions, Gunner accepts the challenge … for next week’s show. ============================================================================================


# 4. Bound for Glory finals

AJ Styles -vs- Magnus


Things start off with a test of strength, not once but twice, both times ending with a clean break from both athletes. Move after move after counter move performed by both titans eventual leads to AJ driving Magnus into a corner and peppering him with a barrage of shoulder checks while in that corner and a flying knee which does miss its mark and leads to a two-count for Magnus. This is when Bobby Roode, Daniels, and Kazarian storm the ring and attack both finalists of the Bound for Glory match up.


It takes a trio of referees before the only two combatants in the ring are the two who started this bout, driving the other three away to the backstage area once again. With there now only being the two of them, AJ and Magnus return to trading hits and punches and everything else with one another. Both men drive one another down to opposing sides of the ring for a near-ending 8 count before AJ springboards onto Magnus for a thunderous two-count. AJ shows no disbelief in how close that was before wrenching Magnus into a colossal calf-killer submission lock.


Not only does Magnus event-u-all-y reach the ropes and forces a break, but Magnus follows that with earth-shattering powerbomb. A two-count brings everyone in the arena to their feet, already having done with the edges of their seats. With the in house crowd now at attention, AJ brings it all to an end with a spine tingling spiral clash followed by what seemed to be the impossible three count.


Results: AJ Styles via pin fall


With his now guaranteed shot at the TNA Champion on 20 October, AJ takes this time to address two topics. First, he puts a shout out to all of St. Louis for their support and help towards him reaching tonight’s final victory in the Bound for Glory tournament. And second, he follows that up inviting all of St Louis, all of the TNA fans around the world, and especially Dixie Carter to stay tuned next week to hear what revelations he will be sharing with one and all.