My Wife’s PPV Picks: Night Of Champions


Each month I like to ask my wife for her picks for the upcoming PPV. She doesn’t watch WWE with me but
she usually has petty surprising accuracy. Here are her picks, against mine, for Night Of Champions.


The Prime Time Players vs. Tons of Funk vs. The Usos vs. 3MB vs. The Real Americans

Winners face The Shield for tag titles


Sideshow: The Usos

A little foreshadowing on Smackdown spelled it all out for us. With the Usos joining Dolph Ziggler to face the Shield they have set up the tag title match for those who miss the pre show. There has been a big push for the Prime Time Players in recent weeks. Daren Young’s “coming out” a few weeks back has put the PR machine in motion. I wanted to take the Prime Time Players in this match, but I think the WWE has already spelled it out for us.

Mrs. Show: The Usos

Who are the primetime players? They sound like a theater troupe filled with old people saying “look at us we’re the primetime players.” They’d have little hats and moustaches.



Tag team title match

The Shield (c) VS. the Winner of the Pre-Show


Sideshow: The Shield

The tag team division still belongs to The Shield.


Mrs. Show: The Shield

They’ve got an extra guy.


Divas Title Match

AJ Lee (c) vs. Natalya vs. Brie Bella vs. Naomi


Sideshow: AJ Lee

Natalya has been the focus in the ring as of late but I don’t think this is her night. I think Natalya and AJ will be the story here, and hopefully afterward as well.

Mrs. Show: Naomi

I’d like Natalia to win but I’m going to go with Naomi because she hasn’t had her moment yet. Has she? (No) Ok her then.



United States Chamionship

Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler


Sideshow: Dean Ambrose

Dolph who? unfortunately that seems to be the WWE’s stance on Ziggler as of late. I’m a big Dolph Ziggler fan but this match seems like an afterthought. It’s like they said “Oh yeah, we need a US title match. Hey, Dolph Ziggler isn’t very busy these days.”

Mrs. Show: Dolph Ziggler

Dean who? I like Dolph better now that he’s gotten rid of AJ.



Curtis Axel and
Paul Heyman vs. CM Punk


Sideshow: CM Punk

If the IC title were on the line I’d predict a different outcome. I don’t see punk holding the IC title. Fortunately, it’s not on the line. This match isn’t about Gold. The title means much less, in this instance, than revenge. I’ll take CM Punk to finally get his hands on Paul Heyman.

Mrs. Show: CM Punk

He’s a cult of personality!




World Heavyweight Title Match

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Rob Van Dam


Sideshow: Alberto Del Rio

I can’t get behind the pairing of RVD and Ricardo Rodriguez. Ricardo was sort of convincing as a Spanish ring announcer, but in English, his flaws are very clear. I think Ricardo will cost RVD this match one way or another.


Mrs. Show: RVD

He treats Ricardo better.


WWE Title Match

Randy Orton (c) vs. Daniel Bryan


Sideshow: Randy Orton

There is just too much going in Randy Orton’s favour here. They want us to draw see the similarities between this storyline and the Austin McMahon feud that set the company on fire in the late 90’s. They’re not trying to hide it. They’ve even spelled it out for us on Daniel Bryan, though, is no Steve Austin. The only way I can see this going well for Daniel Bryan is if the Big Show remains loyal to him and feels compelled enough to get involved. My gut says that won’t happen.


Mrs. Show: Daniel Bryan

Nobody beats the beard. Plus he only had it for like 18 seconds and they took it, and that hurts my feelings. He needs to win it and keep it for good.