9 Matches That Aren’t Included In WWE 2K14, But Totally Should Be

WWE 2K14

With the release of WWE 2K14, WWE fans have been chomping at the bit to re-enact their favourite Wrestlemania moments. As fans, we’re very passionate about the past of the company, and what better way to relive the past than with the Grand Daddy of them all. 30 Years Of Wrestlemania sure beats the original idea… 3 Years of Over The Limit.

Last year’s Attitude Era mode proved that we didn’t want to play through WWE writers rejected storylines anymore.

Like many fans, my copy had been pre-ordered for months, and I got a little more excited every time I saw a commercial for it on Raw. I’d been keeping an eye on the world wide web for details on the game as they were announced. With everything that’s been added, nothing excites more than the idea slamming Andre the Giant, or dropping an Atomic Leg Drop on the Rock.

Some legendary matches have been included in the 30 Years Of Wrestlemania mode, but there are still some I’d love to see.


Wrestlemania V
Red Rooster VS. Bobby Heenan


Now, this one is a doosie! At 31 seconds, this barn burner is what Wrestlemania is all about. It’s probably the only Wrestlemania match that tops Michael Cole VS. Jerry Lawler at WM XXVII.


It had everything; cowering, running, and the Brooklyn Brawler in The Brain’s corner. Who wouldn’t want to relive the Red Rooster’s epic victory by stepping out of the way as Heenan hits the turnbuckle.


It’s still hard to believe this match went on BEFORE Hogan VS. Savage!



Wrestlemania IX
Doink VS. Crush


Well there wasn’t much about Wrestlemania IX that anyone really wants to remember. In most cases, the main event at Wrestlemania is bound for the history books. Not this one. The show was so bad, they needed something to make up for it.


After Bret Hart heart lost his title to Yokozuna in a match that clocked in at 8:55, and was about 8 minutes too long, people needed  something to cheer for. Send in Hogan to win the title in a way that makes most Money In The Bank “cash-ins” look like a main event.


And let’s not forget the epic pile of turd that was the Undertaker VS. Giant Gonzales.


But the one I’d really like to relive is Doink VS. Crush.


This one started with an opening promo where we saw Doink attack Crush with a fake arm, all the while listening to Vince McMahon scream “He ripped his own arm out of the socket”


The match itself was nothing out of the ordinary. The finish, on the other hand, was the highlight of Wrestlemania IX.


Spoiler Alert! There were two Doinks!


Doink scared the hell out of me as a kid, and the idea of there being two of them, is probably a contributing factor to why I still sleep with a night light.



Wrestlemania XII
Hollywood Back Lot Brawl

Roddy Piper VS. Goldust


It all started with Goldust making some sexual advances at Rowdy Roddy Piper, and we all know, in 1996… Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!


This match was Hardcore before Hardcore was cool. It’s like ECW’s hipster cousin. I know what you’re wondering, and yes, this match was too cool school… or whatever hipsters are.


The first part of this match consisted of Piper beating the living hell out of Goldust on top of a gold Cadillac. There were some punches landed in this segment that actually made me uncomfortable.


The best part of this match is that it actually went on throughout the whole show. During the show Vince McMahon would cut to a helicopter view of Piper and Goldust in a low speed chase. Most viewers would recognize the footage as that of OJ Simpson’s white Ford Bronco from June of 1994. (He was a football player who was accused of killing his wife… and something about a glove?)


Right before the main event, the chase made its way to the arena and the battle made its way to the ring.


Who wouldn’t want to play as Roddy Piper as he “makes a man” out of Goldust. By, you know, spanking him and stripping him and stuff.


The moral of the story, gays are evil and it’s cool to be homophobic.


Thanks 1996!



Wrestlemania XIV
Dumpster Tag Match

Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie VS. The New Age Outlaws


Wrestlemania XIV is one of the most important Wrestlemania’s ever. This was like the official passing of the torch to usher in the Attitude Era. A lot of serious stuff went down at this event. The return of the Legion Of Doom, now calling themselves LOD 2000, The Undertaker faced his baby brother Kane, and Stone Cold Steve Austin won the WWF Championship for the first time, with Mike Tyson acting as special enforcer. Yeah, this was a hell of a Wrestlemania.

The match I’d like to relive, though, is the tag team dumpster match between the New Age Outlaws and Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie.

What a great freakin’ match! After a brawl around the ring, this match made its way backstage where the Outlaws were disposed of in another dumpster, via fork lift! Who’s writing this stuff?!

The next night on Raw we found out that an illegal dumpster was used and the titles were vacated. The title were handed back to the Outlaws after they defeated Cactus and Chainsaw in a cage match that night. They had a little help, of course, from Triple H and Chyna, cementing their status as members of DX.

See… epic!



Wrestlemania XV
Hell In A Cell
Undertaker VS. Big Boss Man


If there is one thing the Attitude Era mode in WWE 13 missed the mark on, it was the Ministry. I LOVED watching this story play out.

At the time the Ministry was giving Mr. McMahon’s Corporation a really hard time. You know before it got even crazier when ******SPOILER ALERT***** the Corporate Ministry was formed. It still give me chills.

This match was decent, but the finish was brilliant!

I can still remember the feeling, when the Brood descended from the rafters onto the roof of the cell. It was a little cheesy but, man, when they broke through the cell and strung up Boss Man and the cell started to raise, I couldn’t believe I was seeing all this ON TV! As Boss Man dangled and the lights flashed and eventually went dark, you couldn’t help but think, “What are they going to do next?”



Wrestlemania XV
Brawl For All

Bart Gun VS. Butterbean


Who didn’t love the Brawl For All?… Oh, everybody? Well that doesn’t stop me from wanting to play as Butterbean and knock Bart Gunn’s lights out.

That’s for making Dr. Death look like wuss!



Wrestlemania 2000/Wrestlemania X7
Triangle Ladder Match/Tag Team TLC

Edge & Christian VS. The Dudley Boyz VS. The Hardy Boyz


In a time when there were a lot of Boyz in the WWE… wait, let me restart that…. In a time when Boyz was spelled with a Z… That’s better.


It’s really a shame that these matches won’t be included. These six guys gave us some of the most entertaining matches ever… period. These matches were no exception.

The amount of tables shattered and GIANT ladders leaped off of made these matches some of the best of all time.


With Jeff Hardy and Bubba Ray Dudley, both headlining TNA right now, we won’t be seeing the Dudley’s or the Hardy’s in a WWE game any time soon.



Wrestlemania X7
Gimmick Battle Royal


OK, I know what you’re thinking, this was horrible! But hear me out!

Having this match in the 30 Years of Wrestlemania mode would give us characters we’d otherwise never get to play as. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play as the Goon, Repo Man, Brother Love, Duke the Dumpster, or the Gobbledy Gooker just once?



My list could go on and on, but I know that, no matter what, I’ll enjoy WWE 2K14’s 30 Years of Wrestlemania mode.

Besides, there’s always downloadable content, right?