Iron Sheik fired up for celebrity roasts

The Iron Sheik - Photo Credit: The Bleacher Report

The Iron Sheik – Photo Credit: The Bleacher Report

The Iron Sheik is a legend. Just ask him.

Kidding aside, few can dispute the legacy that Iranian-born Hossein Kohsrow Ali Vaziri carved out during his long and storied professional wrestling career.

In the ring, he was a master of his craft, a heel like none before him and one of the most reviled and memorable characters of all time.

In retirement, the Sheik has channeled all the aggression and anger he once reserved for the squared circle into the social media circles, becoming one of the most popular celebrities on both Twitter and Facebook, with more than 350,000 followers/likes combined.

The Sheik’s tweets and Facebook posts are sometimes shocking, other times funny, and almost always offensive.

He is a heel, after all.

The Sheik can certainly dish it out, but can he take it? Fans of the Iron Sheik in Ontario will soon find out as the Sheik is the subject of a celebrity roast tour through parts of Ontario, including Toronto and London.

At those events, roasters will get the chance to rip the Sheik, while onlookers cheer (or jeer).

For his part, the Iranian legend isn’t exactly shaking in his curl-toed boots.

The Sheik humbled us by agreeing to a Q&A. The following is what he had to say.

Q: What makes you the most must-follow personality on social media?

A: I speak truth. I speak the real. I don’t give a fuck what people think. I pay for my due. I make it to the hall of fame. I am world champion.


Q: You always prided yourself on your legendary work as a heel; do you take the same pride in your social media persona?

A: Bubba, I not heel anymore. I man of people like my friend Rock. I let people know how I feel and if they don’t like it they can go fuck themself.


Q: Who are some of the people you most enjoy following on Twitter?

A: I respect lotta people on the Twitter — My friend the Action Bronson, the Jody Highroller, Rob Thomas, Eric Andre, the Major Lazer, Jason Biggs, the Steve Howey all my best friend.


Q: You’re heading out on the road again to be the subject of several roasts. Why did you agree to these roasts?

A: My roast best show in the world. Better than the Celine Dion and the Frank Sinatra. The people that have the balls to do the roast best be best or if not I roast them suplex them and put them in camel clutch. That way I make the people happy no matter what.


Q: You spend a lot of your time roasting others on Twitter and Facebook. Are you prepared to be humbled by your roasters?

A: Always. 24 hour, seven day a week I always ready. Anybody fuck with me, I fuck with them and break their neck.


Q: What is off-limits when roasting the Iron Sheik?

A: My family bubba. You never insult the legend family.


Q: Will you respond to your roasters? By that I mean will you respond with your own roasts?

A: Like I say, I ready. They fuck with me, I suplex them break their neck like that dumb bitch Miley Cyrus.


Q: Who are some of your favourite comedians?

A: Respect my good friends the Jeff Ross, The Tony Hinchcliffe, Brody Steven, Jeff Danson, Nick Swardson, Hannibal Buress black brother, Rod Delaney … all intelligent people, I love them.


Q: If he showed up at your roast, would you allow someone like Hulk Hogan to roast you?

A: NEVER. He not worth his ass get fucked by dead dog.


Q: Why should Iron Sheik fans come to see your roasting?

A: I’m the legend. I’m the real. I greatest show man in the history of the America and the Canada. I be happy to see my fans one more time. I love the Canada, I always have good time with Canada beer … this time I party with my fans.


Q: What message does the Iron Sheik have for those who might be preparing to roast him?

A: Come watch the legend be the legend. Don’t be a jabroni and eat the jabroni macaroni at home. If you have the balls, you come party with the real.


Q: While many wrestlers/personalities from your era are seldom heard from, you’ve maintained your fame and continue to be one of the most famous wrestlers in history. What do you attribute that to?

A: Bubba, I look good, I always ready, I always make the world news.


Q: If someone crosses the line when roasting you, will you humble them?


If that doesn’t entice you to come to the Sheik’s roast, check your pulse.


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