My Wife’s Picks: Hell In A Cell

WWE-Hell-in-a-Cell-2013 (1)


Each month I like to ask my wife for her picks for the upcoming PPV. She doesn’t watch WWE with me but she usually has pretty surprising accuracy. Here are her picks, against mine, for Hell In A Cell. This month, Jan Murphy has even joined in.


Intercontinental Championship
Curtis Axel (c) Big E Langston


Sideshow: Big E Langston

This one is kind of a shot in the dark. Neither one of these guys have much going for them right now. Curtis Axel came along with a lot of momentum but has been reduced to a jobber to the stars. Big E Langston’s recent push came out of nowhere. So this one is just a guess.



Mrs. Show: Curtis Axel

I’ve been hearing a lot about Axel and I know it’s not Axl Rose, so it must be him.


Jan: Big E. Langston

Langston is the latest of the “montstrous” guys WWE hopes to push, following Ryback, who’s been so-so to date. I like Langston because WWE can do a lot with him. I’m thinking of a series of feats of strength, or something like that. Also, Axel has been a major disappointment. His mic skills are sub-par at best. Let’s see if stripping that title from him can motivate him to be better. I’ll take Langston


Divas Championship
AJ Lee (c) VS. Brie Bella


Sideshow: AJ Lee

The Divas Title fits AJ so well. Hers is a reign that should last a long time.



Mrs. Show: Brie Bella

Which one is Brie doing? (Daniel Bryan) OK her then. If he’s engaged to her she must not be that much of a bitch.



Jan: Brie Bella

AJ is losing her lustre, and WWE really seems to wanting to the Bellas, even though I personally think they’re below average wrestlers. Clearly, the focus for the divas division is not on wrestling. Bella for the win, and AJ gets even crazier, if that’s possible.


Los Matadores VS. The Real Americans


Sideshow: Los Matadores

This is a comedy match meant to cleanse the palate before a big match. Expect a feel good finish so we’re in a good mood going into a more dramatic match.


Mrs. Show: The Real Americans

That cute guy that I like is on that team. The one that looks like Jason Statham.


Jan: Los Matadores

This is a real pick ’em if there ever were one. The Real Americans are finally, finally over with fans, even teetering on face status, so there’s lot of incentive for a win here. Cesaro’s giant swing finisher is way over with fans, so much so that even Zeb’s annoying rants are being overlooked. On the other hand we have a new team, with a cute bull, also over with fans. It makes little sense to have Los Matadores drop a match so early in their careers. I’m betting we see the Cesaro Swing, but Los Matadores escape with the win.



Tag Team Championship
Rhodes Brothers (c) VS. The Sheild VS. The Usos


Sideshow: Rhodes Brothers

These matches have been the highlight of any event they’ve been a part of. The Usos have been next in line for a while now but, I think, there is more of a build up for that on the way. The Rhodes will hold on for now.


Mrs. Show: Rhodes Brothers

They just had a triumphant return so they’re going to ride out their win a little bit longer, I think

Jan: Rhodes Brothers

The tag-team division hasn’t been this relevant in a long time. That’s thanks in large part to these three teams. The Shield almost single-handedly restored the division themselves. I look at like this: The Shield cannot be hurt by a loss, they are impervious; the Usos are only going to get better, and they’re not quite at elite tag-team status yet; and the Rhodes brothers are way over. I’d like to see what Cody and Dustin can do with a long title run.


Handicap Hell In A Cell
CM Punk VS. Ryback & Paul Heyman


Sideshow: CM Punk

I like to think this will be the end of this story. CM Punk has had his hands on Heyman already, but this time, he’ll add the exclamation point. It’s time to move Punk on to bigger and better things.


Mrs. Show: CM Punk

I heard Jan talking about this and he thinks that the guy reffing… who is it? Bret Michaels? (That’s a different match) Oh… then obviously CM Punk.


Jan: CM Punk

I’m hoping this storyline culminates with this match. In fact, I’m willing to bet Punk accomplishes three things in this match: 1) he wins; 2) he gets his hands on Heyman; and 3) he puts over Ryback in the process. All Punk, all the time. On to bigger and better things.



World Heavyweight Championship
Alberto Del Rio (c) VS. John Cena


Sideshow: Alberto Del Rio

John Cena is the poster boy of WWE. I find it hard to imagine that WWE put a secondary title around someone they’ve invested so much into. I see Cena losing so he can move back into the WWE Title picture. Maybe this is the time for Orton to win the WWE title to face the real “Face of the WWE”.


Mrs. Show:  John Cena

I heard Jan talk about that one too. He thinks that Cena’s not ready. But I don’t think they’ll let us think he’s old and busted. He’s gonna come back and he’s gonna be like “I’m stronger than I was before and blah blah blah.” So him.

Jan: Alberto Del Rio

I just don’t see Cena as the World champ. As I said on K-Rock 105.7 with Sideshow, I believe this is a way of bring Cena back to a match, but not right to the main event, thus allowing him to test out his surgically repaired elbow and not putting the main event of a marquee pay-per-view on the line at the same time. This is safe. We might even see the return of Ricardo Rodriguez to Del Rio’s corner now that Rob Van Dam has taken a leave from WWE.



WWE Championship (Vacant)
Hell In A Cell
Randy Orton VS. Daniel Bryan
Shawn Michaels Special Referee


Sideshow: Randy Orton

I feel like WWE wasted Daniel Bryan’s momentum. He is due for a return to the top, but I think this is the end of the line, for now. One thing is for sure, there is no way to tell how this one will end with Shawn Michaels as the special referee. I’ll take Orton to win, only to be matched up against John Cena in the near future.


Mrs. Show: Daniel Bryan

Ok this is the one Jan was talking about. Jan thinks Shawn Michaels is going to turn heel but I think he’s going to help Daniel Bryan.
Was he the guy in the Montreal Screwjob? (He was on the winning end of it) Oh, well that doesn’t help my point, but I still think he’ll help Daniel Bryan because he’s always getting screwed.

Jan: Randy Orton

This has so much potential and so many moving parts. There’s Michaels as the guest referee, Big Show, Triple H … Bryan has won the last two matches over Orton, I just don’t see it happening a third time. The McMahon faction will get stronger, I believe, in the buildup to WrestleMania. I’m calling total carnage here; like everyone inside the cage at the end, with Orton emerging as champ but more questions than answers remaining.