My Wife’s PPV Picks: Battleground


Each month I like to ask my wife for her picks for the upcoming PPV. She doesn’t watch WWE with me but
she usually has pretty surprising accuracy. Here are her picks, against mine, for Battleground.


Damien Sandow VS. Dolph Ziggler


Sideshow: Damien Sandow

Ziggler just hasn’t had any momentum lately. Sandow is Mr. Money in the bank and it’s about time we see him get a push towards the World Heavyweight Championship.


Mrs. Show: Damien Sandow

Just because.



Bray Wyatt VS. Kofi Kingston


Sideshow: Bray Wyatt

The Wyatt family has the ingredients for being a great stable in WWE. Wyatt is great on the mic and reminds me, at times, of mankind circa ’96. One thing holding them back, though, is the Shield. There isn’t room, unfortunately, for two stables at the top, but that doesn’t mean the Wyatt’s can’t dominate the mid-card.


Mrs. Show: Kofi Kingston

Kofi’s not crazy, Bray is. And Bray kinda looks like my husband. (Thank you dear)



Divas Title Match

AJ Lee (c) VS. Brie Bella


Sideshow: AJ Lee

Thanks to Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella is getting a good push. We’ve watched Nikki Bella have to sit on the sidelines as Brie basks in the limelight, and we’ve started to see her jealousy in some post match celebrations. That’s where the next storyline is. I see the Bella twins splitting soon. Brie doesn’t need a championship for that story to grow.


Mrs. Show: Brie Bella

They’re both bitches, but, I guess, I hate her less.



Ryback VS. CM Punk


Sideshow: Ryback

I’m giving this one to the big guy. Paul Heyman is running out of “guys” to use. A loss for Ryback closes a chapter that isn’t over yet. Punk VS Heyman needs to live on, but Curtis Axel has looked pathetic lately. Ryback is the glue that hold this one together.


Mrs. Show: CM Punk

He just hates Paul Heyman so much. That’s gotta work for him.



Intercontinental Title Match

Curtis Axel (c) VS. R-Truth


Sideshow: Curtis Axel


Mrs. Show: R-Truth

I don’t know either of those guys, so I’ll go with R-Truth. When he wins I can say “Ain’t that the truth!”



The Sheild VS. Cody Rhodes & Goldust


Sideshow: Cody Rhodes & Goldust

We want Goldust back and WWE knows that. No title is on the line so a loss won’t hinder the Sheild at all. This match is just a really good set up to Goldust and Cody returning.


Mrs. Show: Cody Rhodes & Goldust

I don’t think that they can just disappear. That’s not right.



World Heavyweight Title Match (Hardcore Match)

Alberto Del Rio (c) VS. Rob Van Dam


Sideshow: Alberto Del Rio

I love that WWE is calling this a Hardcore match. Some of my fondest memories of the Attitude Era involved the Hardcore Championship being defended 24/7. This is right in Van Dam’s comfort zone, but I think that’s just what they want us to think. I expect a surprise finish to this one. A Ricardo Rodriguez turn maybe?


Mrs. Show: Alberto Del Rio

That other guy is old. He’s probably tired and worn out.



WWE Title Match (Title Vacant)

Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan


Sideshow: Randy Orton

Daniel Bryan’s misfortune just makes us love him more. Orton has been ruthless lately and he’s been great to watch. Daniel Bryan as the underdog is just good for business.


Mrs. Show: Daniel Brian

He keeps winning it, and they keep taking it away! If I keep picking him, eventually he’ll get to keep it.