Chinlock exclusive: Hazel McGonagle’s poetry debut

Editor’s note: This following poetry is the work of poet and wrestling superfan Hazel McGonagle, who has written countless works inspired by the men and women of professional wrestling. Chinlock is proud to bring you these and other works from Hazel as we welcome her to the Chinlock family. Enjoy.

A Wrestler’s Journey

Based On From The Voice Of A Wrestler

Reflecting about my career please allow me
To tell you what makes A Wrestler’s Journey
What we all go through day in and day out is
Tough but to us pure perseverance is the key

We all put in alot of training in order
To perfect our craft it’s what we are good at
Living a dream that we have always wanted to
Be a wrestler simply goes way beyond the mat

Every wrestler sacrifices their body on a
Daily basis to put on a show for the crowd
They can choose to cheer or boo us but one
Thing is certain we will make them proud

When some people make fun of wrestlers
Especially when they call wrestling fake
That makes me angry as they have no knowledge of
The wrestling business that I will defend make no mistake

Blood , Sweat And Tears

Blood, Sweat And Tears
Running down my face
After a hard fought battle
While the fans show graceMy body aches all over
But this is what I do
People can choose to
Cheer or they can booI am proud to be a wrestler
I love the wrestling business
The passion for wrestling
Is something I always express

I have wrestled worldwide
Throughout the years
Sacrifices made but worth
The Blood,Sweat And Tears