G’s Official Recap of Smackdown (November 8, 2013)

tributed to www.watchwrestling.com

tributed to www.watchwrestling.com

Our collective eyes are opened to Charlotte, North Carolina only to have our sights put to a pre-recorded promotion package. The video recaps the destruction and mayhem which has been put forward by The Wyatt Family the last three weeks, all of that focusing on Daniel Bryant and CM Punk. Thankfully though, the same video shows us all how those two targets were able to force a retort of their own onto the Wyatts just last week.

Following that piece of canned footage, we get all of the real deal as the real CM Punk marches down to the ring. CM Punk reports that the Wyatts seem to have an unknown problem with him. a fact that CM does not care about. CM does not care what the reasons or excuses might be, nor does he care what his own chances are of defeating the Wyatts. But there are some things that CM does care for; he does care for a fight with them and he wants that to happen tonight.

Unsure if what CM wants will happen tonight, what we are all made blatantly aware of is that Curtis Axel is also in the arena tonight – this is thanks to Axel stepping out onto the entrance way on his own. Once there, Curtis goes along with the themed speech started by Punk by broadcasting for all to hear what he himself cares for. We are reminded once again (as if any of us are able to forget this) of Axel’s manly love and platonic devotion for Paul Heyman. We are reminded of how disgusted Axel is regarding what Punk did to the same Paul Heyman (as if any of us will want to forget that) at the last pay-per-view. And now, because of both of those points, Axel has been granted a match with CM Punk…and that will happen tonight.


Match 1.
CM Punk -vs- Curtis Axel

Axel starts things off by check-swinging Punk into the corner and then pushing forward with all sorts of punches, kicks, and crossbreed maneuvers before having similiar done to him by Punk thanks to well place sidestep. Showing that Heyman taught him quite well, Axel regains the lead after sweeping Punk’s legs and getting him to land nuts-first onto a turnbuckle.

Curtis continues to show his Heyman teaching background by way of eye-raking, straight on choking, and prohibited uses of the ring ropes; all leading up to naughty knee drop across Punk’s larynx and then a nice two count kick out. The double down that soon follows brings with it an session of how better the parts of Punk is by way of his educated feet hitting all its marks on Axel – all leading to another two count.

Continuing with the class, CM knees Axel’s jaw, that lays Curtis out. With a seemingly still opponent before him, Punk sets himself at the top rope ready to fly and…arena lights go black. When light is restored for all to see, the first thing we witness is Axel ambushing Punk into a semi-perfect plex…the semi part also coming into light by way of another two count.

Finishing what he started minutes earlier in the match, Punk returns to his teachings onto Axel – this session being performed via Axel receiving Punk punches in bunches and ending with an undeniable “GTS” for the three.

Winner: CM Punk via pin fall.

As Axel is being rolled out of the ring by the referee, the majority of the arena lights go to black again leaving one solid white beam streaming straight upon Punk. The only other light coming from the big screen atop the entrance way with Grey Wyatt’s face taking up the whole screen. No words are exchanged between…just stern and straight laced stares being given and received by both men.

Nothing more is said or done…for now.


Match 2.
3 Man Band -vs- The Usos & R-Truth

Jay Uso starts this off with Slater, where Heath is quickly herded towards the corner of the good guys and worked on both Uso brother, leaving Jimmy in the ring with a freshly tagged in Jinder. Mahal makes equally quick work of the situation as he brings Jimmy to the dark side of the ring and allows himself, along with McIntrye, to make the Osus, R-Truth, and the crowd rethink how this whole thing was going to be ending.

All things come to another turn by way of a hot tag giving way to the Osus dispelling McIntrye and Slater outside of the ring. That is kicked up another notch when Jimmy and Jay throw caution and care to the wind as the twin brothers from San Francisco suicide dive onto them. This leaves R Truth and Jinder to be the last ones standing in the ring, a fact which does not elude either man for too long.

Jinder hauls himself into a bull rush attempt into R Truth, an attempt that would have been successful except for the fact that R Truth saw coming for miles and miles and converts said attempt into a successful “Truth Axe” and even more successful (along the same “giving 110%” kind of sports analogy I guess) three count.

Winner: The Osus & R Truth via pin fall.

Match 3.
the Funkadactels (Naomi & Cameron) -vs- AJ Lee & Tamina Snuka

A collar and elbow tie leads the beginning of this ordeal where Tamina man-handles Cameron unwillingly towards a blind to Naomi. With both Funk-ettes now in the ring, the ladies join forces to drop Tamina into the mat and then out of the ring altogether. The peace and quiet in the ring is soon ended when Ms. Snuka returns to she-ra! Naomi into, almost through, the far corner and then gingerly tag AJ into official action.

Easy picking of punches and kicks to a listless opponent brings a grin to AJ’s face that any devil would be jealous of. Jealousy is also short lived thanks to Cameron resurrecting her force and her will onto AJ by way of a hat-trick series of standing dropkicks and a cross body pin for a two count.

Not wanting to live through any more action for the time, AJ brings herself to tag back in Tamina, a gesture of thanks is given when Tamina bulldog slams Cameron nearly into extinction. But instead of extinction, Cameron is kicked out at two thanks to Naomi breaking the pin that was to follow.

Tamina shows all the feminity and grace she lacks in full fashion when she lays out Naomi for her troubles, sending her outside of the ring, and then triple head butts Cameron ever so closer to extinction yet again.

AJ is ushered in by a fresh tag. With the fresh “lady” (please notice the quotations marks around that word), AJ makes quick work of that which is laying before and locks in her stylish `Black Widow” submission for the win.

Winner: Tamina Snuka & AJ Lee via submission.

With no match scheduled for this time slot, we are left with Alberto Del Rio sauntering to the ring, proudly waving a Mexican flag high and wild. Once in the ring, Del Rio is slow to speak at first…but he does, he speaks quickly and bilingually as he makes sure everyone knows a few things. First and foremost, Del Rio wants everyone to know that he, himself, is better than everyone else…without a doubt, he is better than me, and you, and everyone in between.

Secondly, and almost as important, he wants everyone know that his title was stolen from him. Not only was it stolen from him, but he was a victim of that theft at a time when he was in a weaken and sick state. And mostly assuredly, he wants everyone to stop thinking of John Cena as being the current WWE Champion…for he is a thief!

That is when waves of cheers crash through the crowd as Cena, with his supposedly stolen championship belt in hand, joins Del Rio in the ring. Cena starts his side of tonight’s story by telling Del Rio directly that he is feeling bad and sad to hear that Alberto was in such a weak and sick state. To that effect, Cena will try to make things better…he has Michael Cole take down the following list of things to get done.

First; send Del Rio a fruit basket; not one of the best mind you but a good enough one to get the point across.

Second; send Alberto a get well card with scripture along the lines of, “Sorry to hear about your sickness, Sorry to hear about your weakness, Sorry for kicking your ass all over the squared circle. Get Well soon. P.S. Be sure to watch “the JBL & Cole show” ( #WWEinternalPromotion ).

Alberto does not find any solace in the that championship list of Cena’s, orders him to stop it right now, and then challenges him to put up his stolen championship belt against him tonight. Before Cena can come forward with an acceptance of said challenge, Vicki Guerrero brings it all to a screeching halt. After ceremonially excusing herself into power, Vicki
postpones Del Rio’s challenge from tonight until the upcoming PPV. She replaces it tonight with individual matches for both Cena and Del Rio…the first of those two to start next!


Match 4.
the great Khali  -vs- Alberto Del Rio

Alberto pushes his will in attempts to take down the seven foot native from India with movement only made when Khali himself wipes away Del Rio with one hand and then slap downs with both hands. Without much in the way of want or need, Khali drives Alberto from one corner, bringing down a beating of Punjabi proportions, then moving onto the next corner and doing it again.

And again.

And again.

Wanting to gain refugee from this sort of punishment, Del Rio rolls himself out of the ring and tries to regain himself inside and out. One fact he did not take into consideration was that Khali also knew how to get to the outside of the ring, which Del Rio is reminded of when he is rushed into the guardrail prior to be thrown back into the ring. But now that he is
inside the ring again, Del Rio snaps back to life and snares the top rope into the space between Khali’s tree trunk legs and thusly bringing both men closer to equal standing ground.

Alberto focuses his revived self to not only continue the attack on his opponent’s legs, but also to soften the left wing…err…arm. At first it seemed like a broken attempt at the arm breaker was the last straw before Khali was to storm out into victory but the “I’m better than you attitude” through out Del Rio’s system resurfaces. A second arm breaker turns itself into the path to a green lit submission by Khali.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio via submission


Match 5.
Daniel Bryant -vs- Luke Harper (with Bray Wyatt & Erick Rowan)

A heavily bandaged Bryant is brought into the closest corner and then laid straight down to the mat by way of pig-sloppin’ shots and banjo-plunking kicks by Harper straight into the goat man’s severely damaged shoulder and ribs. The question as to whether or not Daniel is healthy enough to even be in this match to begin with is sternly answered when Bryant uses his natural stealth of feet and feats of bearded wonder which now sends Harper to the outside of the ring. Not satisfied with such a quick answer, Bryant follows such a massive revival with a sensational suicide dive into Harper.

After the barricade is brought into use, Harper is able to bring a once again battered opponent into the ring with him. Harper continues to throw all parts of his arsenal towards Bryant with all sorts of backwoods reasons and redneck demons in mind, all of which lead to a solemn two count. And when a sleeper by Luke is reversed, laser like treatment to his legs, knees, and hips are focused on by Daniel as a return by this match’s hero is recaptured to much of crowd’s delight.

Bryant cluster kicks Harper’s chest – “Yes!”

Bryant cluster kicks Harper’s back – “Yes!”

Bryant cluster kicks Harper’s head – “No!” Harper pulls away and rolls Daniel up for a nail biting two-and-a-half count. That near fall gives Bray Wyatt the sensation that he may need to get involved, only to be called off by Harper. Harper subsequently walks away from Bray who sits himself back at ringside, only to turn around and walk into “Yes Lock”.

“Yes!” a `Yes Lock’ is secured with both men at the center of the ring.

Throwing all senses to the wind, Erick Rowan rushes in the ring and starts to lay boots to Daniel’s heart and head. The referee calls for the disqualifying bell as Luke and Erick continue their inbreed beat down and Bray sidesteps ever closer to entering the ring himself. That is, much to the crowd’s pleasure, when CM Punk rushes towards the action full throttle
and creates great cause for Erick to be tossed out of the ring, and allows Bryant to do the same to Luke.

With his family’s secretly sworn nemeses standing tall in the ring, Bray Wyatt collects his brothers from ringside and calls for all three of them to recoil. And while Bryant and Punk continue to give each other cause and cure to continue the fight, Bray calls for him and his kin to retreat for the day.

Winner: Daniel Bryant via disqualification.

Match 6.
Main Event
John Cena -vs- Rybak

Rybak takes quick control almost as quickly as he takes Cena to mat and proceeds with a bull strong beat down, all the while with opposing chorus of “Yeahs!” and “Boos!” thundering through out the arena. Cena’s first try as leader of the action is shut off by Rybak’s natural overpowering abilities over this opponent like most others. Rybak presses on by way of showing, not only his natural strength but also, the international side of himself by way gigantic German suplexes, incredible Irish whips, and ending with a bombastic Boston crab.

Cena does earn his way back as the front man of the match up thanks to echoing elbow drops and quickly calling for his `5 knuckle drop’…only to give up the top position once again. The top position is switched between both men from that point forward by use of Rybak bringing things forward and busting through Cena while John jacks back up thanks to his `never give up’ attitude feasting on near falls. And after nearly a six pack of two counts, Cena shows just enough attitude to convert Rybak’s `Shell Shock’ marching into his own `Attitude Adjustment’ and finish it all with a complete pin.

Winner: John Cena via pin fall

Not wanting to have a victorious John Cena be the last image for the Smackdown faithful to have with them for another week, Alberto Del Rio storms the ring and starts to outsource his fists and kicks onto the current World Heavyweight Champion. Alas, never being one to back down from a fight, Cena is able to bring some of the fight back to his attacker and allows the last scene for us to see be one where both Alberto and John seem to be on even ground, obviously ready and still willing to fight again.