G’s Official Recap of TNA Impact (November 21, 2013)



Tonight starts off with a replay of how Bobby Roode attacked James Storm last night at a local watering hole. We see Storm having a helluva good time surrounding by friends and friendly faces before Roode ambushing him with blind punches and startling kicks; sending a stunned and bewildered cowboy all around the bar. After breaking through huddled crowds in the bar, Roode finishes the lobe sided fight by forcing a handful of singles into Storm’s mouth and laughing all the way out of the scene.


Next, we are live witness to see the ever proud-as-a-peacock Dixie Carter striding through the arena before she comes across Samoa Joe as he limbers up for his match later tonight. Dixie takes this time to warn him that if Joe ever treats her with disrespect, much like what and how he did last week, that he will no longer be a part of her TNA family. And before she wastes any more time on him, Ms. Carter reminds him and us all that, according to her, AJ Styles will never be welcomed back to her TNA.

She leaves things there and then only to bring herself before the home and arena crowd as she leads herself into her TNA ring. Once between the ropes, she tries to redirect all the boos! and hisses! that led her to the ring thanks to the arena crowd to share her displeasure in AJ Styles. Not only that she makes AJ and everyone within sight and sound of her voice that her TNA lawyers will tracking the Phenomenal One down and forcing him to face the consequences of taking her TNA Championship belt to places it has no business being.

At the mention of “facing consequences” we are thankfully interrupted by ‘The Cowboy’ James Storm wanting to get his own words in on the subject. Storm is no longer satisfied with his match against Roode later tonight being a `Bull’s Rope Match’…he wants higher stakes. Seeing it fitting that tonight’s show is taking place in Orlando, Florida, James wants … demands his match to become a `Florida Death Match’ instead.

Dixie does not see it fit and so she refuses the demand.

Storm answers that by recalling how, last night, after he recovered from the Roode attack that some of Orlando’s boys in blue approached him with the potential of arresting Roode for assault. James called off the police at that time because he was sure that he was going to be able to settle things his way – in the ring. But now, now that Dixie has refused his demand, Storm just might rethink the whole and have Roode arrested anyway. No Roode equaling to no tournament match which then would equal to no more “Wheel of Dixie” which ultimately would mean no way for Dixie to crown her champion.

With such a vibrant and thorough reproposal put before her, Dixie rethinks things and ultimately decides to grant said proposal.


Match 1. Samoa Joe -vs- Magnus
* Falls Count Anywhere *

Samoa Joe waits til Magnus is safely in the ring before calling him to start things backstage which is where Joe has been staying ever since we saw Dixie pass his way. Soon after Magnus has made his way to meet up his opponent, it is his opponent’s advance in shear mass which allows Joe to make the first attack feel as though it might last the rest of the night. However, thanks to being the hare in the race, Magnus is able to show his quickness and take away the outright lead of this match more so in his favour.

Magnus brings himself and Joe onto the entrance way and eventually back into the ring, with a couple of two counts along the way just for added spice to the whole ordeal. Now in the ring, we see how Magnus’ outright fighting side of things is almost easily equalled out by the brutal brawling nature of Samoa, also peppered with a mix up of two counts for both men.

After Magnus takes some added time to set up a steel chair within the ropes at the near corner, Samoa makes use of this time and locks his arms around his opponent’s neckline. But just moments before Joe was sure to choke his way to the next round is the very same moments that Magnus recalls where he put that chair to begin with and has Samoa’s head ram straight into it for the finale.

Winner: Magnus via pin fall.


Both members of Bad Influence, Kazarian and Christopher Daniels, make their way to ringside as Kazarian voices a set up of what we might actually see happening in the ring; mainly Joseph Park battling his brother. So of course, there is little surprise as to what happens next;

Joseph Park marches straight into the ring, alone.

Joseph Park orders Kazarian and Daniels to shut up right now, together.

And then Joseph Park officially calls out for a match against his brother, Abyss. But is left in the ring alone. That is until Daniels and Kazarian enter the ring, together. Daniels tries his level best to push the right buttons towards Park in order to get the monster from within to come out; buttons which include having Kazarian pour a bucket of blood atop Park’s head. But nothing happens. With nothing happening, Daniels continues to berate and belittle Park making him aware of how much of a loser and a failure he is. All the mean spirits being thrown at Park has Joe sluggishly cowards out of the ring and scurry into the backstage reaches of the arena, still alone.


Match 2.
Gail Kim’s Open Challenge.

TNA’s Knock Out Champion restates her open challenge towards the championship she holds near and dear to her heart and has it  quickly answer by another TNA outsider in the way of Candice Larea. Not wanting to be taken lightly in any regards, Candice does storm full force towards Gail with barrages and waves of whips, punches, drops, and kicks. Unfortunately, Kim is able to weather that storm and confidently power back with one of her own, all of which comes a predictable conclusion thanks to her patented “Eat Defeat” pin fall win.

Winner: Gail Kim via pin fall.

Match 3. James Storm -vs- Bobby Roode
* Florida Death Match *

Storm seems to have waited long enough to get his hands on Roode, evidenced when he canes Bobby just as he steps out onto the entrance way. From there, Storm forcibly introduces Roode’s legs, head, and spine into and almost through the ramp way, the guardrails, and the steel steps surrounding the ring. Once in the ring, it is Bobby’s turn to take the blunt force trauma onto Storm, which is what happens thanks to him using nearly every piece of hardware originally brought into the squared circle by Storm before this match officially got started.

Both men push themselves to a point where an exchange of cymbal crashing garbage lids lead them to fall to the ground also in unison. They rest til the count of six before Storm is able to rise to his feet seconds sooner than Roode enough to bring Bobby back down thanks to his `Last Call’ super kick finding the right mark.

Roode rolls out of the ring and onto his feet at the chime of seven. Storms pushes forward and is met with a once full beer bottle to the side of his head. However, if an attack the night before taking place with both men surrounded by beer bottles wasn’t enough to put Storm away, it should not have been as surprising as Roode makes it look when Storm is able to return to his feet by the count of eight.

An now enraged IT Factor forces Storm hard through two steel chairs at the same time before going back to the outside to find a new way to gain a stronger hold of this match up. He finds what he believes to be his solution from under the ring and brings out for all to see, it is a brazen collection of barred wired stretched out across a slab of steel. Roode calmly slides this horrific creation into the ring and then casually picks up Storm preparing to bring the two of them together.

That’s when Gunner rushes the ring, rallies to the ringside, and literally throws in the towel on Storm’s behalf thus ending the match thanks to the referee calling for the bell before Roode could complete the devilish manoeuvre he was sure to of completed if given more time. Alas, Roode does let Storm down on a bare section of the ring and walks out of the ring with another victory over his former tag partner officially in the books. But Gunner has no time for what Roode is thinking or was thinking of doing, he wants to make sure his current tag team partner is safe. Once Storm realises why Gunner is there and what he just did, James become furious and lashes out the man. Storm tries to cast Gunner away claiming that he just cost him to lose a shot the TNA Heavyweight Championship, thankfully Gunner is so easily done away with as he tries to claim his own point of view; being that Gunner just saved the rest of Storm’s career by his actions. Neither man shows prowess nor admits defeat as they carry this heated argument to the backstage areas.

Winner: Bobby Roode via pin fall.


The remaining members of Aces & Eights takes over the next interview spot in tonight’s behind the scenes segment. With  complete control with them, they gang hands over the microphone to the leader of said pack. Bully Ray Dudley begins to preach his belief system that he was the one who brought Mr. Anderson back from being nothing. Bully Ray continues to confess how he was the one who made Mr Anderson the great wrestler he had become. And Bully Ray ends this segment by proclaiming that he will be the one who, before the end of tonight, will be the one to take everything away from Mr. Anderson.


Match 4. Ethan Carter III -vs- Shark Boy

Shark Boy wastes no time after the bell rings to take the fight straight to Mr. Carter. Waves upon waves of punches, kicks, and quick pace chaining takes Ethan from half the posts in the ring to the other half of the pillars in the same ring. But all that was for very little thanks to Ethan reversing one of those chain spots and converting it into his copyright protected “One Percenter” finisher.

Winner: Ethan Carter III via pin fall.


Dixie Carter has called for Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode to meet her in her office. With the boiling tempers between each wrestler towards one another, it is almost impossible for Dixie to keep all focus and attention to her and what she has to say. She does start plainly enough with congratulating both men on making it to the quarter final stages of her tournament of champions, but then moves on to more Dixie inspired matters of business.

With next week’s show being a Thanksgiving Special broadcast, Ms. Carter has decided to make her TNA a more family-esqe atmosphere next week, which is why she called for Angle and Roode to meet her in the first place. She wants each man to form a team of four for next week, and those two teams of four will face off in next week’s 8-man tag team main event.

Finished. End of Dixie business…for now.


Match 5.  Main Event
Bully Ray Dudley -vs- Mr. Anderson
* Club -vs- Career *
(If Dudley wins, Anderson leaves TNA forever. If Anderson wins, Aces & Eights disbands forever)

Before the match officially starts, several friendly faces from the TNA roster make their on-guard presence known at the entrance way, each man having personal and professional interest in the stakes involved in this match up.

The match is quickly started when Mr. Anderson bull rushes Bully Ray into the nearest corner. Not being a man who doesn’t know how to use things around him to his advantage, Dudley soon sneaks out of the ring and starts to use his girlfriend Brooke as a human shield in order to prevent Anderson from continuing with his assault – which does work. And, also not being a man who doesn’t know when to change tactics at a moment’s notice, Dudley quickly uses his shield to blind side his opponent with overhead punches and sideways kicks.

With his opponent licking his newly acquired wounds of war, Bully Ray goes for a table under the ring and sets it up at the far corner before continuing his fight. With a stunned Anderson withering at the center of the ring, Dudley holds off on using the table to his discretion and instead decides to use a metal chain in whipping onto Anderson’s back. A tactic which does work in bringing down more pain and punishment, but only until Anderson is able to turn things around and end up being the one with the chain in hand and having Dudley’s back now being the target.

The next noteworthy sequence of events takes place when these two combatants are back on the outside of the ring with Bully Ray peeling away the protective matting from the ground and exposing the unforgiving concrete underneath. It is, however, Anderson who seems to be the one to use it at his advantage first as he prepares Dudley for a piledriver into the cold hard ground. Unfortunately for those plans and almost for Anderson, a colder and harder hitting Knux crashes the scene from the crowd and tries to lay out Anderson instead. The word ‘almost’ was just used because Anderson is able to stage off Knux’s attack and reverse the whole ordeal to the point where Knux is the one pile driven into the cemented ground.

With the distraction that afforded to him, Bully Ray has brought the fight back onto Anderson’s shoulders and then returns both himself and his once again battered nemesis back into the ring. Not wasting another ample opportunity to put to good use that something he set up earlier, Bully Ray quickly spears Anderson into the table still standing in the far corner.

Two count.

Changing tactics again, Bully Ray calls out to Brooke to bring him another means to end this. With that, Brooke rushes to Taz at the announcer’s table and is given a metal hammer. Brooke races back to the ring and tosses the hammer into the ring. Unfortunately for Bully Ray, however, her aim was off and it is Anderson who catches the tool. And it is Anderson who nails Bully Ray with it and follows that up with a echoing ‘Mic Check’ for the pin.

Remember the friendly faces who had gathered at the entrance way at the beginning of this match, well now with the heroic conclusion of this contest ringing out for all to see and hear, it is those same men who approach Taz and force him to officially give up his Aces & Eights vest. Which, after some ultimately light prodding, Taz reluctantly but willingly hands over his vest which is whisked to the ring and handed to Anderson. And with all the vests now in his hands, Anderson sends us all home as he continues to pride himself as being the man who officially brought the 18 month reign of a once thought to be unstoppable force to a crowd-friendly end.