AN EXTREME ORIGINAL REPUBLISHED: Tommy Dreamer’s 10th column

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I was one of the last people to hop on board the social media train, but I am glad I did.
I admit, I had my reservations, even when the Internet was developed. I had several people claim to be me, posing as me and speaking to fans in chat rooms. One of these people was even arrested for trying to lure an underage girl to a hotel room. Luckily for me, I was told this by a friend and the authorities were notified.
As the years progressed and Internet social media sites became more credible, I still refused. I didn’t have a MySpace account, but there were plenty of fake accounts posing as me. My own niece had someone talking to her and her friends posing as me on Facebook until she called me and asked if I was on Facebook, which of course, at the time I was not.
Two years ago, I finally caved in. I left WWE and decided to get my own website —  — and join Twitter, @THETOMMYDREAMER (editor’s note, Dreamer is now also on Facebook at I own the name Tommy Dreamer, but someone else had those domain names, which made me beyond angry, but I digress. I figure if the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) could take down World Wrestling Federation (WWF), now World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), I would take a pass on the legal battle. It worked out better for both parties anyway.
The Twitter concept was so foreign to me; I thought why the heck would someone care about what I was doing, and follow me, let alone in 140 characters or less. But was I wrong. I got hooked on it, big time, as well.
As a professional wrestler for more than two decades, I have travelled the world many times over. I have literally met millions of people in my career, some memorable and some just a casual hello, but thanks to Twitter, I get to re-live these memories. People tell me stories or send me pictures of our meetings, which make me remember some of the greatest times of my life. I often say ‘Wow, I look fat in that picture’ or ‘Man my arms looked jacked’ or ‘What am I wearing, is that a fanny pack?’ when opening pictures from fans.
I try to respond to all my fans’ questions when they ask me something on Twitter. It is a constant reminder of the amazing career that I’ve had. I enjoy getting feedback from my followers. I even appreciate peoples’ creative ways of not liking me. People will message me just to tell me I stink, and yet I find myself replying to them to defend my stinkiness. I laugh at the comedy accounts which make fun of the same things I do, especially when there is bad wrestling on TV.
I have gotten bookings to other wrestling events and have done a music video and a movie, all thanks to meeting people on Twitter.
Of course, you must be careful, as always, to not open spam e-mails or e-mails from people not being who they are claiming to be. I, myself, am still not verified (editor’s note, Tommy is now verified), but waiting for the Twitter folks to work their magic. But I mean, come on, only the real Tommy Dreamer would tweet about his love of wrestling, and food, with such passion, right?
I have found a number of great products that I use every day on Twitter. Olympic Gold Medallist and fellow professional wrestler Kurt Angle (@realKurtAngle), for example, endorses Ultra Fiber DX. WWE announcer Justin Roberts (@JustinRoberts) introduced me to, which helps my back, while former WWE star Trish Status, a Canadian (@trishstratuscom) offers a Yoga DVD that has actually made me like Yoga. Roland Berthiaume invented @LoBakTrax and it helps my lower back pain and may lengthen my career. I am not paid to endorse these products, rather just trying to help others like they helped me.
I have been wrestling since I was 18, living on the road for more than half my life. Sometimes I get sad not being with my extended family.
It is the hardest part of my life, trying to adapt to the real world and realizing that I am at the end of my career. But when I am down, I have one simple solution, which also happens to be my favourite part of Twitter. That solution is being able to follow my friends who are out on the road, continuing to live their dreams. I read their tweets (in their voices, no less) and I am back out there with them. I can laugh with them. I can picture Mickie James’s smile, the way it lights up a room, The Miz being self-centered, Christian’s awesome sense of humour, all while being a heel. Victoria/ Tara making me laugh no matter what. I can see a picture of Candice Michelle’s daughter. I can read about Jeff Jarrett’s hard work in India and how much he misses his wife, Karen, and family.
I can read along as the Bella Twins make fun of Dolph Ziggler, or I can read Dolph’s awesome, egotistical tweets, CM Punk’s amazing banter with fans, Eric Young’s love of hockey, Robbie E.’s love of himself, Hurricane’s comedic tweets, or about MVP chillin’ in Japan, or about Kelly Kelly being, well, Kelly Kelly.
I can keep tabs on Carlito making fun of every diva, just as he always does. I could go on and on, but knowing I can still know what my friends are doing gives me a weird sense of comfort.
I have always tried to be my brothers’ keeper and watch out for others. Twitter just helps me do it from afar. I am glad I got out of the Stone Age and joined the world of social media.
Thanks for reading.
Tommy Dreamer is a legendary and influential pro wrestler and a father and husband who has worked for World Wrestling Entertainment, Extreme Championship Wrestling and Total Nonstop Action and is the creator of House of Hardcore. Follow him on Twitter — @THETOMMYDREAMER — and check out his website at He can be booked for live appearances through his website. Also, check out