Barry Darsow: Wrestling’s Original Bogeyman

When you look back on the lamest wrestling villains of all time, the majority of them at least have the right intentions.  They either attempt to play on the average person’s fears (clowns, dentists, vikings) or  involve a freakish physical specimen that, dorky outfit or not, you wouldn’t want to pick a fight with.

Every so often, however, all logic is thrown over the top rope and a character debuts for no good reason whatsoever.

A character like…

“Mr. Hole-In-One” Darsow


Unless you have a crippling fear of feeling rushed at the 15th green, this is likely not a segment that remains etched in your memory.

What makes this gimmick even worse is that it began BEFORE Tiger Woods became a star in the PGA.  That’s right, when Darsow calls himself the greatest golfer of all time, he’s trying to rile up fans of…ehhhh….Corey Pavin?  Chi Chi Rodriguez?  My God, if he’s not careful, he’s going to have literally tens of people packing arenas to see him get his ass kicked!

Equally puzzling is why WCW thought this character’s natural opponent would be a Chippendale dancer that doesn’t speak English.  Could they not have used Johnny Polo?  Black Jack Mulligan, if only for the golf pun?!  C’mahhnnn!!!!

Even now, years later, it’s tough to see such a lame gimmick strapped to Darsow, a man who brought us one of the WWF’s coolest villains ever, Smash from Demolition…



…as well as….ehhhmmm….Swiper The Fox from Dora The Explorer or something.




The lesson to be learned: As a professional wrestler, if you find yourself carrying a strip of AstroTurf on one shoulder, it’s safe to say you won’t find a title belt on the other.