My Wife’s Picks: Royal Rumble


Each month I like to ask my wife for her picks for the upcoming PPV. She doesn’t watch WWE with me but she usually has pretty surprising accuracy.


Tag Team Championship
Rhodes Brothers (c) VS New Age Outlaws

Sideshow: Rhodes Brothers

I can’t imagine the Tag Titles changing hands during the pre-show. I am predicting a great match though.

Mrs. Show: Rhodes Brothers

I know that they’re good guys and they already have the belts so they’re obviously the best.


Daniel Bryan VS Bray Wyatt

Sideshow: Daniel Bryan

It might be time to close this chapter, and the way to do that is a Daniel Bryan win.

Mrs. Show: Daniel Bryan

Clearly Daniel Bryan. Cuz Bray Wyatt is crazy! And Daniel Bryan has been screwed so many times.


Big Show VS Brock Lesnar

Sideshow: Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar has declared himself the #1 contender. That wouldn’t mean much if he loses to Big Show at the Rumble. Expect Lesnar to win and set his sights higher up the ladder.

Mrs. Show: Big Show

I hate Brock Lesnar. Plus, Big Show and I share the same last name!


WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton (c) VS John Cena

Sideshow: Randy Orton

I’m ready for someone else to headline Wrestlemania and an Orton win tonight will help set that up.

Mrs. Show: Randy Orton

I’m tired of them both. I’m gonna go with NOT John ┬áCena. Randy slightly handsomer.


30 Man Royal Rumble

Sideshow: Batista

I’m going to go with the guy WWE wants us to believe will be the last man standing. Batista VS Orton sounds good, doesn’t it?

Mrs. Show: The Rock

This is really hard! If I could pick Natalya, I would. I want to pick CM Punk, but because he’s #1 I don’t think that’s a good idea. I say The Rock! Is he even in it?… It doesn’t matter if the Rock is in the Royal Rumble!