G’s Official Recap of TNA Impact (2-6-2014)





Match #1

Abyss    -vs-        Eric Young
Monster’s Ball Match (all weapons are legal)

This match was a mash up even before it officially got started. This match is said to originate from Abyss but it was not called into effect for tonight by him, the person to demand this style of contest was Eric Young. Now with both men having played their part before the starting bell, we are lead to see what they will do from now until the closing bell.

As the match allows, quite a few things were brought into the ring and used upon one another. An inanimate steel rod, a table set up at ringside, a duo of steel chairs, and bag of razor sharp tacks just to name a few of those otherwise lawful items. Of course a barrage of the usual was also seen during this Malay in the form of kicks, punches, dropkicks, a suicide dive to the outside which landed square, and a float over power bomb from the top rope by Young onto Abyss which happen to send the latter straight onto the spattering of sharpened tacks.

But just as unpleasant the beginning of this match seemed to be, that was surpassed by the muddled ending that was to unfold. After regaining physical dominance over his opponent, Abyss took the time to retrieve another weapon of personal preference (referring to what some would say is a spike covered crochet mallet but others know better simply by the pet name “Janice”) before grabbing hold of Young with his spare hand – that’s when Young unmasked the monster with one exhausted swipe of his own hand. Momentarily stunned at being sans-mask but not missing more right after that, Abyss is successful in executing a black hole slam for the pin fall.

And with Young lying lifeless and helpless, we are left with a still confused and dismayed monster standing alone in the ring. Confused at which one of his internally divided personalities just got the pinned and dismayed at the fact that Eric Young may have been telling him the truth every time he tried to make Joseph Park and Abyss realise that they were the same person.

Winner: Abyss by pin fall.


The recently unveiled investor, MVP, makes his way into the ring to address the TNA fans both near and far. He starts off by sharing how, before he made his presence known, that the people running the show were the kind who thought their actions were to never have any reactions – unless the reactions were either positive and in their favour or negative and solely fall onto others’ only.

That is about to be a thing of the part, according to this man.

Things are about to change, and change for the betterment of the TNA roster and their fans, also according to this man.

But before much else is said by this man, a pseudo man interrupts by making his quarter size presence known when Rockstar Spud joins MVP in the ring. Once there and after a short introduction done by both men, Spud speaks out to invite MVP to a sit down meet and greet with his boss; the lovely Lady Dixie Carter. MVP graciously accepts the invite before making one and all aware of two points…

Point one – he may be in a suit and tie, but if anything of a physical nature was to develop during this so-called meet and greet…he is more than ready to fight anyone anywhere.

Point two – by way of approval by the board of directors, MVP has signed a match for tonight. Tonight we shall witness to TNA’s World Heavyweight Champion, Magnus, go one-on-one against Kurt Angle.

And with his points made clear, MVP saunters out of the ring much to the applause and cheers of those in attendance tonight.


After returning from a commercial break we see Curry Man make his way to the ring, high in energy and ready to take on his unannounced opponent. Unfortunately for Curry Man his opponent remains unknown thanks to Bully Ray Dudley making his unscheduled way to the ring, bringing along with him the coffin he plans to use during his match against Mr. Anderson next week.

Once there, Bully Ray tells Curry that this is not the right time and not the right place for him tonight. Bringing to life what he means by this, Bully Ray connects with a devastating big boot through Curry and brings both to the ground. Dudley follows that up a devilishly, delayed pile driver before dragging a listless Curry Man out of the ring and stuffing what was left of him straight into the coffin.


We remain in the ring without a match to be put into motion for one more slot of time. This time we are met in the ring by TNA’s X-Division Champion, Austin Aries. Aries decides to take this time to air out his near future intentions – he revisits how he has held every championship in TNA and intends to bring the TNA Heavyweight Championship belt back around his waist. That is when the TNA Tag Team Champions make their collective way onto the entrance way and stop Austin from talking for a few moments…giving Zema the ideal distraction so that he charge from behind and smash a steel briefcase nearly through Aries’ skull.

This is when and where Zema decides to cash in his briefcase from “Feast or Famine” winnings for a chance at winning the TNA X-Division Championship; and so a referee is rushed in and Zema goes for a weak pin…Austin clamors at 2. Zema already can not make sense of how this can be true, but wastes little time to pursue a beat down on an otherwise already beaten down Aries. Zema even goes so far as to properly perform a corkscrew bulldog…yet that also leads him to a 2 count.

A three-count is heard and seen, but only after AA proves once again how great he can be and punctuates it with his own personalised brain buster on the once cocky and arrogantly smooth working DJ Zema. And as Austin’s hand is raised in yet another triumphant win, the Bro Mans try their hash-tagging best to hook slide their sidekick out of the ring and away to the back.


Match #2

Kurt Angle           -vs-        Magnus

The Olympic hero seems to make quick work of the challenge before him as he smoothly and almost effortlessly gets Magnus sprawled flat out on the mat. With the TNA Heavyweight Champion in the positioning he is in, Angle makes prime work of that and snaps in his made to order “Angle Lock” onto his competitor’s closest ankle and wrenches on it endlessly. The submission manoeuvre is ended when Ethan Carter 3rd enters the ring and bulrushes Angle into the mat.

Now, with Angle being the one sprawled out, Ethan Carter 3rd slowly yet surely takes his time while finding much personal laden pleasure in attacking Angle. At first, it seems that Ethan just wants to hit and punch on any and all moving parts seen before him but he does eventually focus his entire demeanor on Angle’s bandaged knee. Even when referees and medical staff try their scripted best to pull Carter away from the mayhem he is inflicting, Carter pushes on and applies more gruesome and gut wrenching hatred onto Angle by way of his knee.

When Carter decides for himself when his target has had enough does he back away slowly and permit for the trained medical staff to attend to what is left of the man before them all. Kurt is withering in pain and anguish as he tries to nurse the pain and torment being housed within his newly tattered knee, all the while he is being swept on a stretcher and carted off to the back for more in depth medical attention…Ethan Carter looking on as this scene unfolds, taking in as much credit and blame as those around him and watching from home wish to give him.

Winner: Kurt Angle by way of disqualification.


Match # 3

 Main Event
Number One Contendership for TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Samoa Joe          -vs-        Bobby Roode

After seeing what those on board with Dixie Carter had done to his good friend, Samoa Joe was more than fueled and fired up for this match…and he showed it by using his feet and hitting all parts and parcels that together make up for Bobby Roode. Roode was, at times, able to be that half step quicker than the other man again tonight which allowed some of Joe’s attacks to miss their mark and to elude a severe series of submission attempts.  Alas for Roode, the machine does prove to be better than all other factors as evidenced by Joe ultimately being able to make the IT Factor tap his way out of the match after having a crippling camel clutch applied with 110% effort.

Winner: Samoa Joe (remains number one contender for TNA World Heavyweight Championship)


After meeting with Dixie Carter, and to a lesser extent Rockstar Spud, backstage earlier tonight that led to no clear conclusion, MVP has called for the second stage of tonight confrontation to take place in the ring so that it is in front of all the TNA’s fans and followers. The first batch of words belong to Dixie, mainly due to her commanding it, which allows her to share her vision for TNA’s future; a future which is best handled by having Magnus as their Heavyweight Champion and with her being the only reason for true greatness to follow.

MVP brazenly disagrees with it all.

MVP brashly opposes everything that Dixie and her band of followers has said and done.

MVP finishes tonight’s meeting between the two sides by promising that the reign of Dixie Carter will soon be…OVER!

The show ends with a smiling and strutting MVP leaving the ring surrounded by positively charged and cheering crowd, while Dixie is left in the ring fuming mad with only Rockstar Spud to console her.