G’s Official Recap of Smackdown 3-14-2014

The show starts with Triple H making his solo way into the ring before announcing that he has given Daniel Bryant the night off, and that he will dole out his own kind of punishment to Bryant this coming Monday. Hunter’s next vows to end the whole “Yes Movement” by no longer protecting Daniel from all the real superstars of the WWE including, but not limited to, the next WWE talent he will be addressing.

And with that he calls out Damien Sandow to join him in the ring. Showing how obedient he is to The Authority, Damien does as is asked and enters the ring. Triple H recommends that an authentic apology be given to him promptly unless consequences. Damien serves up his best apology for his misactions from earlier this week. As a response, Hunter accepts the apology, shakes his hands, and gingerly wishes Sandow the best of luck with his match tonight…which is next!


Match 1.
                                 Damien  Sandow              -vs-        Seth Rollins (with Dean Ambrose and)

The numbers game is what keeps the balance of this match up to Seth’s advantage. Damien does give some push back several times, even while dealing with the other two members of The Shield individually, and comes a whisker’s worth away from pulling away with the win. However, thanks to timely distractions by Ambrose, Rollins is given, and promptly takes, the opportunity to finish off his competition for the night.

Winner: Seth Rollins via pin fall.

Just when mostly everyone thinks things with this match have been said and done is the same time that Dean Ambrose decides to extend this chapter of the evening. He drags a bewildered Sandow back into the ring and triggers a 3 on 1 assault. All three members of The Shield do their part in bringing a bewildered Sandow crashing down via a triple powerbomb.


Match 2.
Big E                       -vs-                        Fandango

Things are started off by way of some fancy footwork fluttering from Fandango as he takes the lead between these two ultimately polar opposite mat specialists. Much to the delight of Summer Rae and a few sparse Fandango followers in the crowd, this has Fandango control the match for a majority of the match, that is not the whole story between these two. Alas, flips, flies, and dippings are drawn to a close thanks to explosive execution of a Big Ending.

Winner: Big E via pin fall.


A break from the short streak of consecutive contesting competitors is served to us by way of “Bad News” Barrett. A bang of his gavel starts tonight’s Bad News break into order. Barrett bellows out how the Undertaker’s 21-0 streak will be brought to an end at the monterous hands of Brock Lesnar…but that’s not all. This strange occurrence will thusly lead to all the Taker fans to have no-little rest that night, which will lead to a sharp decrease in their production at work the next day, and then end with a sharp increase in job losses. And with that, another banging of his gavel ends this night’s bad news session.


Match 3.
The Real Americans                        -vs-                        Cody Rhodes & Gold Dust

The first few minutes of this contest are highlighted by how the fraternal familiarities between the Rhodes brothers shows to be flawless over the American agility and brut strength that is Swagger and Cesaro. Eventually, Cesaro is able to execute his swing onto Cody…only to be tagged out by Swagger.  That sparks a series of blind, unwanted quick tags between both Americans, each tag being made after two or fewer moves made. The misplaced focus allows Cody Rhodes to roll up Swagger.

Winners: Cody Rhodes & Gold Dust via pin fall

After the bell rings, Swagger and Cesaro show rare unity as they jointly ambush the victors of the match. Several sores and bruises are laid upon Cody and Gold Dust before the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Usos, charge the ring and clear things off.


Match 4.
Bray Wyatt                          -vs-                        Kofi Kingston

A barrage of high kicks and other matters by way of Kofi’s fleet of foot eventually brings Bray outside of the ring. A second wind has Wyatt charging back with his style of back-water beast mode settings of fighting that ends with Kofi being tossed to the outside. And all things are brought to foreseeable ending when Bray gave himself permissions to bring an ending onto Mr. Kingston by way of his “Sister Abergale” .

Winner: Bray Wyatt via pin fall.


Match 5.
Nikki Bella                           -vs-                        Taminia Snuka

Superfly’s protégé easily controls the majority of this match. AJ enjoys what she is getting to see while at the commentators’ table to the point where she has urges to get involved…and those urges build to the point where she has no choice but to get involved…or at least she tried only to be stopped short by Brianna Bella who spears the WWE Diva’s champion to floor. That spikes the attention and ire of Taminia who quickly retaliates with a blind attack onto Brianna, giving Nicole optimal breathing space. And when Taminia brings herself back into the ring she is met with a refocused Bella beauty and is broken down for a Bella victory.

Winner: Nikki Bella via pin fall.


Match 6
Dolph Ziggler                      -vs-                        Alberto Del Rio

Both contestants show off just how they have each carried the WWE championship before tonight and how they may again someday soon throughout the opening stages. An anti-climatic stage takes place when Del Rio introduces Ziggler to a barren ringpost. What happens next was a strong yet short lived comeback, peppered by a series of nearfalls by both men.

Del Rio executes an enzuguri with Ziggler starting off on the top turnbuckle. 2 count!

Alberto completes an imported style superkick while Dolph is prompted on his knees. 2 count!

Famouser by Ziggler. 2 count!

Superplex from top ropes completed by Dolph. 2 count!

A surefire “Zig-Zag”…3 count!

Winner: Dolph Ziggler via pin fall.


Match 7
Main Event
Kane                      -vs-                        The Big Show

Earlier in the evening, after The Shield has done their best to hurt and damage Sandow, Kane ordered them to be at ring side in order to witness firsthand how one truly deals with a problem wrestler. As such, as Kane and Big Show circle the ring from the inside, all three men of The Shield start to circle the outside of the ring. Stalemate is reached when both giants lock one another with their best chokeslam-holds, a stand off which is broken off when Big Show’s bearclaws crush Kane’s grip. Feeling that he is losing control of his match, Kane shouts out to The Shield to get into the ring and attack Big Show.

Nothing is said and, more importantly, nothing is done by all the Shield members. This has Kane infuriated as he continues to shout orders to Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns…leaving none of his attention nor focus on his true challenger. A challenger who takes this break in the action as an invitation to try his supersixed best again on the Big Red Machine… a mammoth like spear followed by a colossal chokeslam for the pin.

Winner: The Big Show via pin fall.

Still being angered by everything that just happened, Kane reaches outside of the ring, drags Seth Rollins into the ring with him, and brings to take out his frustrations on Rollins. This is short lived as the other two  members of The Shield are quick to make the numbers game work in their favour again as all three beat down on the corporate man still in the ring moments before this week’s show draws to an official ending.