Bret Hart

bret hart


He is known in the wrestling business  as  Bret Hart
The son of wrestling legend Stu Hart he became a legend
He has achieved so much in his legendary career
He can still create memories that can not end

He  is a two time WCW World Heavyweight Champion
Including being a four time WCW United States Heavyweight Champion
With Goldberg he is a one time WCW World Tag Team Champion
Jointly with Goldberg he is the Fifth Triple Crown Champion

In WWE  he is a five time WWE Champion
He is a one time WWE United States Champion 
With Jim Neidhart he is a two time WWE Tag Team Champion
He is a two time WWE Intercontinental Champion
He is the second WWE Second Triple Crown Champion

The first man to win both WWE and WCW Triple Crown Championships
He has been in memorable feuds from  his late brother Owen Hart
To his late brother in law The British Bulldog  to Shawn Michaels
In all of those matches he gave all of his Hart

He was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame  in 2006
He still makes sporadic appearances for the WWE
His wrestling heritage today shines through his niece Natalya
Who  is amazing to me and like her uncle is gutsy

I have the greatest respect for this Canadian Bret Hart