TNA Hardcore Justice 2014 recap

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 Stairway to Janice
Abyss    -vs-   Bram

This night’s show surpasses all introductions and gets right to the action as these two giants of the TNA ring start to tear the other apart one more time. Abyss brings the first notches of true torture as he suplexes Bram into the steel ladder that is destined to play a principal part through this match up. As the action is brought outside of the ring, Bram quickly takes control and brings ‘The Monster” straight into, almost through, the ring posts and strategically placed steel can. No stranger to using foreign objects to his advantage, Abyss repays those actions by using the ring steps to make Bram bleed first.

With blood now fresh in the ring, Abyss continues on his path of torture and anguish by quickly scavenging under the ring and tossing in boards with barb wire, steel cans, chairs wrapped in barb wire, and then brings Bram back into the ring too. The boards are brought to good use when Abyss side steps Bram into one and then Bram sends his thanks as he crashes Abyss into the other. As Abyss recoils in pain, Bram retrieves Janice from her perch high above the ring and…short after being Black Hole Slammed into tremendous pile of tacks…barrels her straight into Abyss’ guts and pays off with a decisive three count.

Winner: Bram via pin fall

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When we are brought back from commercial, we watch listlessly as Ethan Carter 3rd, Rockstar Spud, and Rhino march into the ring. Spud tries tirelessly to quiet the audience as EC3 takes up the ring and begins to address everyone; the people at ringside, the people backstage, and even the people watching this all unfold through their television sets. Ethan starts off by mysteriously thanking Kurt Angle having him arrested last week…for this Ethan is thankful because the time spent behind bars gave him the opportunity to think about what’s really important to him and the rest of the Carter family.

What is most important to the Carter family? To figure out who is most responsible for what happened to Dixie Carter two weeks ago which led to her being thrown through a table and make sure those people get punished. And without much further ado, Ethan calls out the first name on his list of who to blame, EC3 confronts…Rhino!

According to Ethan, Rhino was taken off the streets thanks to the Carter family. In this Carter’s eyes, Rhino was given a single job to do and was paid a heck of a lot of money. And, most importantly, Carter labels Rhino as a failure. In return, using very few words to portray his disbelief in what was just yelled at him, Rhino stops using his words and turns this whole war of words into a straight fist fight. Alas, this fight is nowhere near sanctioned by anyone else but Ethan Carter and is soon taken over by Ethan Carter as he brings Rhino, failure or not, crashing into the mat and then lets him wither away onto the floor as EC3 marches to the backstage area with a bewilder Spud nipping at his heels.


TNA X-Division Championship
Samoa Joe [champion]       -vs-      Low Ki

Even though the last time these two men were in the same ring competing for this same belt was back in 2006, they make it apparent that neither of them are strangers to one another’s styles nor do they intend to under estimate the other guy, both champion and contender start things off with tests of strengths…each test ending with mutual stand off. These simple tests quickly widdle away into a trade off chops, kicks, ad headbutts given and taken by both men.

Straight out strength from the Samoan Submission Machine brings to him a pair of two counts. That is soon played off by the contender via high kicks and tactful use of all three sets of ring ropes to bring him his own twin set of two counts. A handful of new minutes are utilized to ensure this match stays extreme as every corner and side of the ring is brought into the action by those two involved. And in the end, it is Joe who finds the right amount of might at exactly the right time and brings this championship contest to a sealed conclusion ala his patented “muscle buster’.

Winner: Samoa Joe [champion] via pin fall


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 “I Quit” Match
Mr. Anderson      -vs-     Samuel Shaw

During an interview being granted by Mr Anderson in the backstage area, Shaw confronted his opponent and demanded that an apology be given to Gunner by Anderson on account of his actions as of late. But instead of getting an apology from Anderson, what Shaw received was a couple of hard knocks and an early start to their match. Anderson’s aggression and attitude does allow for the fight to stay backstage for long as both men lead the other to ring side, which is where Samuel finds use for a handful of electrical cords; choking Anderson and having the referee check if he quits.

No such luck for Shaw.

As Shaw releases his literal strangle hold on Anderson, he is met by a leveled head Gunner who starts to call out to him and Anderson – asking both men to stop right then and now, and to forget about the whole match idea. But since, the bell had already been rung, neither men give much value to what Gunner has to say at this point and instead continue to tear at and damage each other.

Showing that he is not totally dismaying his ring side friend during this contest, Shaw continues to demand an apology come from Anderson to Gunner…a demand which is received by muted ears and resurgence of defiance as Anderson pushes through two more calls for him to quit at his opponent’s hands. A resurgence which is empowered even more when Anderson sidesteps a charging Samuel; a charging Samuel who thusly rushes shoulder first into a ring post. And as Anderson locks in with mic-shattering shoulder lock, Gunner repeats his cries of mercy to Samuel…this time actually convincing him to do the only thing that will inevitably end this mash up…

Samuel says…”I quit!”

Anderson eventually lets go, at the insistent of Gunner who has now entered the ring calling out an official end to this match. Anderson does let go, but dares not look away from either the man he just got a physical and physiological win from nor the man who Anderson blames for bringing Samuel back into TNA, Gunner.

Winner: Mr Anderson via submission


TNA Knock Outs Championship
Last Knock Out Standing match
Gail Kim [champion]           -vs-           Angelina Love (with Velvet Sky)

Gail dares not to waste any time as she charges straight into the ring and right after Angelina, bringing one half of the beautiful people to a startling realization that the champion may be more prepared for this kind of competition than was originally thought of her. In return, Gail is able to get Love down to the mat and wait impatiently as the referee gets to a 4 count before starting all over again – this time bringing herself and her competition to the outside of the ring. Alas, soon after the slight change in venue, Angelina is able to take over the match and use the outside of the ring to her advantage.

Angelina does eventually bring everyone back into the ring just in time to execute a seemingly improvised, semi-tilted neckbreaker. A very valiant effort which calls for a surprising 6 count to be reached before an equally surprising Gail to get back to her feet. Unfortunately for the contender that was not the only surprise the champion had at the ready as Gail soon turns Love around with a mere flick of her wrist and sends her to the outside care of a steel pan assisted missile dropkick. This is when Velvet Sky, realising that her fellow BFF is probably in need of her attractive assistant, starts to get involved.

Minute or two later when Kim seemed to have Love ready to receive a devilish maneuvre from the ring steps – Sky pulled Gail’s legs out from under her causing an abrupt crash into the ring steps. . . . leading to a 8 count before Gail showed she was ready to press on.

From there, Sky blantantly helped to set Gail for a chair-infused superkick by Love. . . .leading to a 9 count prior to Kim up and able to go at it again.

Next, with Angelina perching herself at the top rope, Velvet lays a steel chair flat onto the mat and playfully prepares to apply a kneeling facebuster onto said chair…a move which is replaced by Kim tossing Velvet face into furthest post and then suplexing Angelina from her perch into the slab of steel so casually introduced into the ring moments earlier. And with that, alongside a crowd pleasing ten out of ten count by the referee, Gail Kim walks away with her TNA Knock Outs Championship belt still in hand.

Winner: Gail Kim [champion] via 10 count


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Number One Contender for TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Six Sided Steel Cage
Austin Aries     -vs-     Eric Young     -vs-     Bobby Roode     -vs-     James Storm     -vs-     Magnus     -vs-     Gunner

Prior to the official start of tonight’s main event, three men make their way to ring side – those three men being MVP, Kenny Kingston, and Lashley. Not wanting to waste any more time than they have to, MVP airs out their reasoning for being here tonight.

He recalls how Lashley got to become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion….showcasing how great Lashley is.

He tells us how Lashley has come to remain the TNA World heavyweight Champion…highlighting how powerful Lashley is.

He recollects how Lashley will continue to be the TNA World Heavyweight Champion…emphasizing how much of a destroyer Lashley is.

And finally,before they make they leave ringside,  MVP warns us that no matter who does win tonight, that that person is not really a winner. That they are just going to be the next person to suffer at the hands of the great, the powerful, the destroyer…Bobby Lashley!

And now the match itself…

When all 6 men have entered the six sided steel cage no time is wasted before every man in the cage truly makes it every man for himself; wild punches, crazy kicks, and everything else is mashed up within the opening minutes. No man dares to give any of the others time to think or even breath…something that is brought to a climax when Austin Aries locks in “Last Chancery” on Gunner, Bobby Roode seals in his “Sharpshooter” on Magnus, and Eric Young executes a “Go to Sleep” on James Storm in unison with one another. The theme of simultaneously taking action without any verbal utterances is continued when Bobby Roode and Eric Young both start to the scale the steel walls and make a mad dash to the outside.

Both men get over the top of the cage and start to make the equally treacherous track down the outside of the cage concurrently.

Both men jump off halfway down in concert.

And both feet from both men hit the floor … in connection with one another.

A referee sanctioned by TNA went to Bobby while another equally authorized official approached Eric. Each official giving the other a recap of why they think their wrestler should be granted the outright victory…but neither of turly convinced of the other one’s reasoning nor final decision.

And with that, we are forced to wait until next week before finding out how this current indecision will be decided upon and finalized.