Hamilton Comic Con: A legendary review


If you’ve never been to a convention – go to one. Hamilton Comic Con packs a punch on the Con scene, even though it may not be as big as some others.

The moment you walk in, you can feel the anticipation building. Seeing everyone in costumes/cosplay. The excitement of others around you resonates with you. “Am I really going to be able to talk to Verne Troyer?” You walk into the front, and practically anything you ever wished you could buy when you were a kid is available. You want a Lightsaber? Sure. That Sting Action Figure you loved when you were six that seemed to erase from existence? No problem.  A ringside chair from 2005’s ‘The Great American Bash’ with Torrie Wilson on it? Uh, sure, man.


“I really liked the PPV, man. No other reason I want this chair.”

Once you’ve had your fill of looking at all the savings you’ll throw away and making your way past 7,000 other people, you walk into the Legends of Wrestling Panel. At one quick glance, you see six legends just hangin’ out. Howard Finkel was in the crowd, emceeing and passing the mic around. The man never stops working.


They kept answering questions, no matter how many times they’ve been asked.

Panel Crowd“Is the Million Dollar Belt actually worth a million dollars?”


Many of the questions were ones they’ve likely been asked hundreds of times over their career. They all answered them willingly, and with a smile on their faces. But it was pretty cool to see young kids have the courage to ask these guys questions, let alone even know who they are.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan raised his trademark 2×4 and screamed “Hoooooooo!” As did everyone else. Ted DiBiase did his cackle, and stated he needed to do it at least once a day — old habits die hard. The crowd was a decent size too, people standing and listening when the chairs were filled.

After you see a panel, you head to the celebrity tables. Your heart races, because people you’ve only ever seen on TV or in movies are sitting right in front of you. They’re actually a person. Just like you. No they’re not! They’re *insert celebrity/performer here* and they’re right in front of me!

My friend Brody tagged (pun intended) along, and he was keen to meet Trish Stratus. After waiting in line for 45 minutes, he finally got to speak to her. She’s down to earth, and STILL a busy woman! She does tons of conventions, plus she’s a mother, and yet she can still take 5 to 10 minutes to talk to you. She still offers the 100% Stratusfaction Guarantee, and Brody said she delivered.


We then made our way over to others, and something caught the eye. There it was, in all it’s glory.


There was Fred Ottman, a.k.a. Tugboat a.k.a. Typhoon a.k.a. The Shockmaster, just hanging out, talking to someone (Still hard to think they’re a real, normal person). We eventually went up to talk to him, and again, another great conversation. I almost felt bad saying how funny ‘The Incident’ is, and he said not to, as he still laughs about it. If you don’t know what it is, look it up, and be ready to laugh. It’s still used in comments on Social Media.

“Okay, first article on Chinlock.com is going great, I can’t wait to publis-“


He went into detail about the wall, that it was built like a regular wall, and how he had to use a LOT of force to get through it, and the rest, is history.


Some guy with tattoos was talking quite a lot, and he told Bushwhacker Luke that he had a tattoo of him on his… ahem, buttocks, and Bushwhacker Luke yelled at him for a while. I didn’t want to interrupt that.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan was super friendly. We talked about Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies, and he thanked us for watching it. I told him that the scene where SPOILERS he was a zombie while eating flesh, was the biggest ‘feel’ of the movie. He laughed, and was thankful. Brody asked if a Rumble appearance was in the works, and he replied with “”Whenever they call me up, I do my best to go!”

 1920533_10152686379909854_234743271341393563_n                                                                     10712788_10152686380074854_2382008764838755264_n

He also insisted we take a “Battle Royale Shot,” to which we obliged pretty quickly. I must also say that it hurt to shake his hand. Those things are huge.

So if you haven’t been to a convention yet, do so. The amount of guests varies between each Con, but there is always one that you’ve always wanted to meet. The crowd was great, the guests were great, everything was great.

Hamilton Comic Con may not be as big as others (talkin’ to you, San Diego), but it’s still an amazing day that you’ll never forget.