Smackdown Recap (December 5, 2014)

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The evening starts off with introducing us to the night’s General Manager. A huge crowd roars to life with approval to see Santino Marella step out to take on said role for the night. And as his first act of business, Marella gives way to the first match of the evening…


Match #1
InterContential Championship
Dolph Ziggler        -vs-         Luke Harper

Following last week’s countout win over Harper, Marella has seen it fit and suiting that Ziggler get a fresh shot at the IC belt and the man who is currently retaining said belt. The slow and steady start seems to show heavy bias towards the current champion as he is able to swat away all of Dolph’s swag while landing hard knocks and harder kicks onto, almost into, his challenger. Near falls eventually give way to several moments of modern brilliance as everyone’s favourite show off is able to over come Harper’s backwoods brawn by way of countering it and finding ways to his own array of two counts.

Seeing no victory nearby, Harper decides to take the low road by roshamboing Ziggler less than a few feet away from the referee. That brings the match to a disqualification win for the challenger. Not too pleased with the results, Harper takes the end of the match as the right time to bring a ladder into the ring and prepares to slam Ziggler into the ladder. His plans don’t work out for his best as Dolph is able to spin things around and bring Harper crashing into the ladder instead.

Results: Dolph Ziggler via disqualification ((Luke Harper retains Intercontential Championship))

Being a man who knows an opportunity when he sees one, GM Marella steps out onto the entrance way and makes an addition to the TLC pay-per-view. He announces that Harper will be defending the IC Championship in a ladder match against the same man who has now gained two wins over him…Dolph Ziggler!


The leftovers of The Authority enter the ring. Seth, Big Show, and Kane take their unequal turns to trash talk their up coming PPV opponents. Seth foresees the end of Cena’s reign as WWE’s hero. Big Show showcases how he plans to dismantle Erick Rowan. And Kane bellows how much pain and anguish he will putting Ryback through within a matter of a few short weeks.

Once again seeing opportunity knocking, we are once again paid a personal visit by the night’s boss as Santino makes tonight’s main event official. He declares for all to hear and fear and listen….Seth Rollins & Big Show will face Ryback with Erick Rowan.


Match #2
Cesaro & Tyson Kidd           -vs-       The New Day

The recently created trio of tacticians quickly decide that it will be Kofi and Xavier representing their faction for this tag team fray. At first, Cesaro and Tyson seem to have the better cohesion as they take the fight forward all over Kingston and Woods every chance they get, as well as a few times when the referee has his back to them. But in the end, that cohesion becomes unraveled thanks to the smarter and quicker and truer tactis leading to both New Day members sharing the eventual pin fall.

Results: The New Day via pin fall.

The dust brothers interrupt the celebrations in the ring by making their eerie present known via the big screen. Stardust speaks of there being nothing bright on the horizon for all three members of The New Day let alone the entire tag team division. Goldust continues the brothers’ rant by promising a new layer of darkness coming to all of the WWE tag teams until they regain their championship belt. All that talk shows little effect as the message is quickly brushed off by Kofi, Xavier, and Big E as they reset their celebrations in the ring for themselves their supporters on the crowd.


Match #3
United States Championship
Dean Ambrose     -vs-     Rusev

This match quickly becomes filled with a wide spectrum of delays. First, Dean puts out a few choice words for Wyatt about what he did to that which used to be a symbolic rocking chair earlier this week is exactly what will happen to Wyatt within a matter of weeks…that Dean will completely demolish the patriarch of the once proud Wyatt clan. Second, Rusev withdraws from this match due to the hallow threats of bodily harm issued to him by Jack Swagger on Monday night. Ambrose, who had stopped listening every since Rusev started talking, starts to make his way towards the US Champion…which is when the biggest delay is snapped into action due to Bray Wyatt ambushing the scene and concludes with chairshot to Ambrose’s throat into the ring steps. And this all ends with Ambrose being placed on a stretcher and carted out of the arena.


Match #4
The Miz (with Damien Mizdow)           -vs-             Jey Uso (with Jimmy Uso)

Thanks to the recent actions and choice of words by The Miz towards Jimmy’s wife, Jimmy Uso is unable to show much self restraint as he attacks both editions of The Miz as the ring bell sounds. For this, Jimmy soon finds himself banned from ringside leaving his brother to fend for himself tonight.

With that, Jey Uso does give a good showing of skill and talent in defense of his brother and sister in law as the fight is forced onto The Miz despite his stunt double’s wacky tactics crack falls and banana peel flops. But just as the solo Uso gets to truly flying, Mizdow decides to take his act into the ring and distracts Jey from the real Miz. And as Damien is chased off the set, the self proclaimed star of the WWE executes an A-listed version of his “Skull Crushing Finale” for the roll up pin.

Results: The Miz via pin fall.


Match #5
Naomi      -vs-     Brie Bella (with Nikki Bella)

As Nikki Bella chooses to stay near the ring in pseudo support of his sister, some of out attention is brought to the fact that AJ Lee has already taken a seat at the announcer’s table with her verbalized take on what has transpired with the Bellas as of lately as well as a few drops of insight regarding the match that is trying to take place in the ring. For in the ring, Naomi and Brie do put on a fancy showing of feminine footwork and lady lariats that lead to equal share of near falls. But all of this are trumped when AJ prevents Nikki from getting involved which loosely allows for Naomi to roll up the other twin for a decisive win.

Results: Naomi via pin fall.


Match #6
Main Event
Ryback & Erick Rowan           -vs-            Seth Rollins & Big Show

Erick and Seth are the ones who start off this contest. The immediate question poised by the voices at ringside is whether the goat faced mad man is intimated by Mister Money In The Bank – which is soon answered with a resounding “not even by a single hair of his chinny-chin-chin” as evidenced by Rowan willing pushing, tossing, and all around man handling Rollins all over, and nearly into all parts of the, ring. But as Ryback is brought into the fray is when Seth shows new life as he suddenly sneaks away with a tag out to his partner for tonight. And now, with Ryback and Big Show sharing the ring, this match turns into a battle of beast versus monster.

Ryback does shows resistance. Big Show lands enormous amounts of punches and kicks…Ryback fights back. Big Show brings on titantic portions of chops and drops…Ryback kicks out. It seems that to everything Big Show is able to bring crashing down Ryback has just enough in him to thwart away his opponent’s preferred ending.  All this is brought to a climax when the world’s tallest athlete sets up for a chokeslam of biblical proportions….a choke slam which is never executed.

Instead, Ryback swats away the tall man and brings his tag partner back into the fight. Still showing no signs of fear or intimation, Rowan is able to continue where things were left and finds himself in an almost fresh barrage of shared hatred and anger as both giants trade off. Big Show and Rowan not only get their fair share of near falls but huge slices of yeahs and boos by the all the crowds watching this as they continue to test each others resilience towards the other. What followed next was a much needed hot tag leaving Seth back in the ring with a still hungry Ryback.

Seeing that their boss was about to be fed to a the proverbial lion, Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury jump into action by making their presence known and heard by all on the ring apron. Alas, their noise is soon quenched thanks to Ryback double clothes lining them back to the ground followed by avoiding two quick pin attempts by Rollins. Thinking he could do better where J & J security failed, Kane tries to get into the ring only to be called off by the referee…a referee who soon finds himself banning Kane from the ring and calling for additional WWE zebras to come out escort Kane away.

In all the confusion that had just taken place, Seth Rollins was able to tag in Big Show; a tag which is disallowed after the referee returns his attention back to the in ring action related to the tag being unseen by his official eyes. This call is enforced thanks to Rowan spearing Big Show out onto the floor. Being left alone, Seth is finally fed to the proverbial lion by way of a Shell Shocking pin by Ryback for the good guys.

Results: Ryback & Erick Rowan by pin fall.