This Just In…Royal Rumble Edition


With tonight’s pending pay per view mere hours away, I am sure there are scores and rows of theories and predictions as to who is going to win which match. So some of you may need to excuse this writer as he is going to tempt to do the very same … only in my case I am just loosely focused on two of tonight’s matches; the co-main events.

Seth Rollins -vs- John Cena -vs- Brock Lesnar

John Cena is one of a handful of WWE talent that will seemingly always have the WWE universe with him whether he wins or loses any match, let alone one at Royal Rumble. Though I am sure he will show us again and again what it is that makes him the best Cena around for miles and miles, he does not need a belt around his waist to prove any of that. Therefore, no win for you…!

Seth Rollins is an incredible heel let alone a member of the WWE roster. First, he was the only who stood his ground when all of his supporters were banished from all WWE lands and belongings. Then, he was the man who single handly constructed an infoulable, albeit ruthless, way to bring back The Authority. And then after doing so, he was rewarded by being placed between the unstoppable force (refering to Cena) and the inmovable object (refering to Lesnar). But, given all that, I still say no win for you…!

After reading Tyler Leknois’ latest article, there is not much I can counter offer with regards to this match. What feels to be best for business, what Leknois has alluded to, would be Brock Lesnar retaining HIS championship belt. Saying nothing bad or indifferent about the other competitors in this bout, but a win for either of them does not seem to be in the cards … especially if I were the dealer.

Brock-Lesnar-gets-ready-to-deliver-the-F5-to-John-Cena_jpg_pagespeed_ce_wZOeL0q6l9_crop_650x440_original_crop_exactFinal Results: Brock Lesnar retains via pin.

Royal Rumble

Now this is where speculation meets wild composer and irratic thought.

Alongside my friend Tyler, I do foresee Orton and Sheamus as surprise entrants in this year’s rumble. In addition to them I wouldn’t mind also seeing, as quote surprise entrants end quote, AJ Lee, the bunny (Rosebud member) and Tamina Snuka … there, I said it, laugh if you want … … stop laughing!

Since it is highly unlikely that we are going to see two faces as the final two combatants in this match, what we need is to add two heels to create a final four. Of course the my personal heavy favourites when it comes the faces would be Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose … especially since they were able to team up so well a few short weeks ago on Smackdown, but then who would you have their counterparts on the other side of the wrestling coin.

Here’s a way I see things…

We see 29 wrestlers enter and overall 26 leave the same ring, by hook crook or whatever means necessary. The three men we seem to have as last men standing would be Roman Reign, Dean Ambrose, and The Big Show. Finally giving us a two on one confrontation in favour of the good guys…one which would inevidently leave The Big Show out and two of the original Shield members squared off with one another. But that is when the importance of when I said 29 entrants…

Best case scenario I have come up with is…just as Ambrose and Reigns are working in unison to get Big Show out of the ring is the same time entrant number thirty, Seth Rollins, makes his official entry into the rumble. Rather than walking away from the loss from the triple threat earlier with his head down and his tail between his legs, The Architect has devised a way to gain another shot the gold without having to resort to activating the contents of his MITB briefcase. Thus giving us a renewed hatred for The Authority and those that represent them while simultaneously giving us more of a reason to want to watch how this all plays out.


Final Results: Seth Rollins wins the rumble

And there you have it. Another set of predictions and speculations of what we will see later tonight. How much of it is going to be accurate or even reasonable plausible is yet to be seen … but either way, I sure am hoping for another great show for all to take more pluses than minuses from…and to start the 2015’s official road to Wrestlemania in true WWE fashion!