CHINLOCK EXCLUSIVE: House of Hardcore coming to Canada in July

House of Hardcore

House of Hardcore is coming to Canada.

The U.S.-based wrestling company, founded in 2012 by legendary hardcore wrestler Tommy Dreamer, will make its Canadian debut on July 18 in Toronto.

Dreamer has long made it no secret that his objective with his wrestling company is to listen to the fans. Fittingly, it was the fans who pointed Dreamer toward Canada, Dreamer said in an exclusive interview.

“I did a poll on Twitter in which I asked fans where they would like to see my next show, and Canada, specifically Toronto, was overwhelmingly No. 1,” Dreamer said. “With me not having television exposure, for the fans to want the product up there, that is almost surreal to me. I look forward to bringing my view/perspective of professional wrestling to some of the most rabid, passionate wrestling fans in the world.,” Dreamer said, calling Toronto “a hotbed for professional wrestling.”

Dreamer founded House of Hardcore in 2012 as a means to give back to the fans who helped him build a storied career that now sits at a quarter century and counting. House of Hardcore’s inaugural show was held at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and subsequent shows have been held in Philadelphia (four times), Valley Center, Calif., and Poughkeepsie (three in total).

Besides putting a renewed focus on wrestling, Dreamer has also put an emphasis on surprises at his shows. Unadvertised appearances by the likes of Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio, Sandman, the Dudleys and others have become a staple at House of Hardcore shows. Toronto, Dreamer says, will be no exception.

“Expect the unexpected,” he said. “I’ve always kind of had to outdo myself. If you’re a wrestling fan and you’ve watched my shows, you know what to expect. And if you haven’t seen any of my shows, now you’re going to be able to. My wheels have already been spinning.”

Considering that Dreamer’s previous shows have featured plenty of talent with Canadian roots, including the likes of Adam (Edge) Copeland, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, Lance Storm, Harry Smith and Kevin Steen, it wouldn’t be surprising to see House of Hardcore Toronto packed with Canadian content.

With House of Hardcore 9 set for July in Toronto, even Dreamer admits to being in awe of how quickly his product has grown. But, he points out, he hasn’t done it alone, he said.

“I have amassed, besides the most loyal following, the greatest teams that I could possibly put together,” he said. “This is a team effort, from the people who set up the ring to the people who work in the main event. I couldn’t have done it without them. To be there and to be where I’m at in the game, I’m blessed is the best way to say it. It’s a dream come true.”

Details on the Toronto show, as well as information on tickets, will be available soon, Dreamer said. For information on House of Hardcore, go to

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