House of Hardcore 2 Announced for June 22, 2013

House of HardcoreTommy Dreamer is fulfilling his promise and has announced a sequel to his successful House of Hardcore promotion.

Dreamer will host House of Hardcore 2, in Philadelphia no less, on June 22.

Details and matches will be unveiled in the coming weeks, but fans can expect Dreamer’s follow-up show to follow the mould of the successful inaugural show, which was held in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., in October. That sold-out show, which featured wrestling stars such as Dreamer, Rhino, Carlito Colon and Sami Callahan, and an appearance by Adam (Edge) Copeland, put a strong focus on delivering well-told stories through wrestling.

An emotional Dreamer closed the show by promising House of Hardcore would rise once again.

And it shall.

Follow in the coming weeks for more on House of Hardcore 2, including an exclusive interview with Dreamer himself.

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