G’s Official Recap of Smackdown 6-21-2013

This week’s broadcast starts off with ‘the bearded wonder’ Daniel Bryant standing tall and alone in the squared circle. He wants to make sure that everyone, Randy Orton especially, stops treating him like little puppy – apparently Daniel feels as though Orton was taking pity on him last week. This brings forward Orton to the ring.

Once in the ring, Randy proclaims that it was not pity that he showed last week but rather it was a sign of respect when Randy followed through with letting the referees stop the match, for the sake of Daniel’s health and well being. Bryant was not taking any stock in that, instead he promised that he would remove all doubt of himself being the weak link as well as all signs of pity from Orton during tonight’s main event. In return, Orton vowed that his opponent for tonight would not walk out a loser but that he would be carried out as such.


Match #1.            Sheamus  -vs- Cody Rhodes (with Damien Sandow in his corner)

We bare witness to a back and forth barrage of flying fists. We look on to a trade off of rope-assisted maneuvers. And then we see Rhodes using the ring apron to get Sheamus off his feet and gain the first clear advantage in the opening match. Cody concentrates his combat on the Celtic forearm and shoulder for nearly the remainder of this bout, which does flow into a set of 2 counts. But despite his smartest moves and an attempted assist from his tag team partner from the outside, Sheamus does bring it all to a climatic close by use of his cloverleaf submission.

And as the referee calls for the bell to signify Rhodes tapping out, Sandow charges in and ambushes Sheamus into a nearly unconscious level before pulling his partner out of the ring and aiding them both to the back.

Results: Sheamus wins by submission.

Match #2.            Curtis Axel (with Paul Heyman) [I.C. champion]  – vs – Wade Barrett

It is safe to note that both contenders in this match got a mixed review by way of the crowd’s reactions, but that there was nothing but cheers and roars from the same crowd as The Miz took his place alongside those at the commentators table for this bout.

The current IC champion took the lead for the majority of this time in the ring thanks to a nearly 10 out of 10 arrangement of mat-safe moves and air-approved assault. Had it not been for the former IC champion being able to retort with his usual British brute ways this entire ordeal would have been totally one sided. And thanks to a brilliantly placed backbreaker, which followed a failed attempt at the ‘Perfect Plex”, the current officially bested the former.

And with the official side of things done with, The Miz makes sure his presence is known and not misunderstood as he sombers in the ring while loosening his street-safe attire and prepares to fight right then and now. Being the hustle behind the current championship muscle though, this is when Paul Heyman makes his pull present as he leads Axel away from the Miz and out of the ring.

Results: Curtis Axel wins by pin fall.

Match #3.            AJ Lee (with Big E Langston) [Divas Champion] – vs – Natalya

Natalya kicks things off with a solid stampede of boots to different parts of AJ. Surprisingly enough, Big E keeps himself outside for the entire match, and then AJ slips into a short lived control of the match. Not too short for it to go unnoticed but just long enough to successfully have Natalya submit to a ‘Black Widow’ finisher.

Results: AJ Lee by submission

Match #4             Chris Jericho       – vs –    Alberto Del Rio (with Ricardo Rodriguez)

A previously muffled crowd roars to life when Y2J brought his rock ‘n’ roll rage into and out of the ring on Del Rio. That same crowd equally showered Del Rio with barrage over barrage of boos! for every outsourced turnbuckle and ring barrier he put Jericho into. These booms and crashes seemed to reach a feverish pitch when ‘The King of the World’ reversed out of Del Rio’s arm breaker and locked in the “Walls of Jericho”.

With the submission secured, Ricardo raises himself onto the ring apron and barks out pleas to let the move go.  Jericho does release the hold; only to bring Rodriguez into the ring and places the Walls onto Ricardo instead. And that is when Ziggler slides into the fray and begins to beat down on Del Rio.

Del Rio is as quick as he can be to get out of the ring seems to head for the closest border crossing as Jericho and Ziggler are left in the ring to argue what had just happened; mainly that Ziggler cost Jericho a win against Del Rio. An argument that is drawn to a close with a ‘Code Breaker’ being executed onto Ziggler.

Now with Jericho leaving the ring, Ziggler is left defenceless. And a guardless Ziggler seems to be the right incentive to bring Del Rio from his run for the border. A return which is emphasised by Del Rio fighting against four referees and side-kicking Ziggler further into a vulnerable state of body and mind.

Results: Del Rio wins by disqualification.

Match #5             Drew McIntrye (with Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal) – vs – Christian

The coolest element that WWE has on its roster takes the fight straight to `The Chosen One’ in and out of the ring. The remaining members of the world’s least favoured cover band do try to kick start a comeback in McIntrye’s favour but it all led to Christian giving them the hook by way of implementing the `Kill Switch’ to end the entire session.

Alas, as Christian takes the microphone to “holla out to his peeps” all things are cut short by The Shield surrounding then ambushing the ring to leave Christian out for the remainder of the evening.

Results: Christian wins by pin fall.

A backstage interview is brought to us thanks to Paul Heyman being interviewed regarding what caused CM Punk to demote Heyman from being his agent to now being `his good friend’. Heyman, not wanting  to keep things so personal, proves it by asking some rhetorical personal questions of his own to his interviewer. With no answers to his queries given, Paul feels as though he has proven his point and ends the interview by walking off.

Match #6             Randy Orton      – vs –    Daniel Bryant

Neither man waste any time between the ringing of the bell and attacking one another. All four corners of the ring were soon used as part of their onslaught of offense and defensive deflections of each other’s best put forward. Passion and determination was clearly shown by both Orton and Byrant as each was quickly led to an equally sharing of 2 counts and blazing retaliations soon thereafter. And even though Randy was able to stave off what seemed to be some of the best that ‘the flying goat man’ could throw at him while implementing some of his own `vintage moves’ by way of a super plex from the top rope and a hangman’s DDT, it was Randy who was eventually bested overall.

That came into play when both men found themselves outside of the ring, due to another suicide dive from Bryant . This took both men off their feet and brought the referee to starting a ten count.

Seven. The two men start to show signs of life and maybe even some rebirth.

Eight. Do they know where they are or what is going on around them yet?

Nine. Bryant saunters his way into the ring and looks back almost wanting for his competitor to also make it in.

Ten. Randy is still on the outside only to make it in when one would have said the next number.

The announcement is made through out the arena that Daniel Bryant is the winner as a result of a count out and almost everyone is happy and cheerful of the results. Almost everyone except for the two men who were involved in this ordeal.

Randy for the basic reasoning that he lost – plain and simple.

And Daniel Bryant because he does not want to accept winning by such a method. He demands the match to be restarted. He demands it. He damn demands it. The referee refuses to give in to such subtle request. Which leaves Randy Orton to look on half amazed and Daniel to continue with his demands as the camera pulls away and into black once again.