G’s Official Recap & Review of TNA Impact (6-20-2013)

After some self-reflection, I come to realise that the articles that I have been writing have not been reviews but more so they have been recaps of the shows they were written about. With all that said, what I now intend on putting forward is actual reviews of the shows themselves rather than recapping the shows.

You get to tell me which one you like more.

You get to tell me what you like and dislike of each kind of article.

And then we will see what the next level of writing I do will end up looking like.

With all that being written and read, let’s move onto the rest of this article, shall we?!

credit goes to www.impactwrestling.com

credit goes to www.impactwrestling.com

The show starts off with 10 qualified men rustling in the ring waiting for orders to be given to them. Hulk Hogan comes out to tell them and us that there are still two men to add to their collection before the Bound for Glory tournament will officially get started.

Thus enters 2013 Bound for Glory winner Bobby Roode.

Then enters 2012 Bound for Glory winner Jeff Hardy.

Now with all 12 men tagged, an online survey tallied earlier in the day gave the first call out to Jeff Hardy. And be it because of insisting by Austin Aires and Christopher Daniels NOT to call them out or be it because “someone made it personal last week” (Jeff Hardy quote), Jeff Hardy called out Bobby Roode. And there we had the evening’s main event made.

Before you read any further, here is how the point system is to work out for the tournament qualifying rounds.


10 points

Pin fall

7 points

Count out

5 points

Disqualification win

2 points


2 points

Disqualification loss

-10 points


Match #1.

Mr. Anderson is given the microphone to challenge whomever he wants to.

Mr. Anderson brushes off his ego and calls out Joseph Park.

Anderson starts things off by slapping a length set of chain wrestling against Park. But Park does get to slap back with a muddle series of moves of his own which ends with a steady belly-to-back suplex. This has Anderson cease with the slap-stick and put on his real toughness into the match which leads him to a set of near falls. The crowd cheering for Joseph is paid in return by Park locking in a Boston Crab submission attempt. Unfortunately, his actions are nullified thanks to Doc distracting the referee. The referee first attempts to wade off Doc, which allows Anderson to recover from his near loss, then the referee checks on Anderson – that allows Doc to knock out Park.

A newly fallen Joseph is struck with Anderson’s “Mic Check” and put away with a clear pin fall.

Results: Anderson wins by pin fall and earns 7 points.

After a commercial break we find ourselves on the outside looking into a meeting of all the members to Aces & Eights. Mr. Anderson is flapping his lips regarding how easily he done away with his opponent minutes ago. But he does not get too much said before Doc jumps in with his own view point on how that win was almost a loss for the team (basing that on the fact that Mr Anderson is the only member for this brotherhood who is involved in the tournament) and nearly starting a real war of words between the two men…that is until Bully Ray steps in.

Bully Ray orders cooler heads to prevail. He demands that they all refocus their attention to more important matters. He stresses that the rest of tonight is about Brooke Hogan.

Match #2.

Jay Bradley is alone in the ring. Jay Bradley gets to make the second match for tonight. Jay Bradley calls out…Austin Aires.

Double A is quick to get the caller to the mat and jumps on the attack just as quickly. Bradley replies by stomping back in strong and swift shots and cuts. The rest of the match is more or less a blur for all viewers and both competitors with the high point being a brilliant boom stick completion giving Austin the pin fall win.

Results: Austin Aires wins by pin fall and earns 7 points.


We find ourselves in the back hallways of the arena following Sting who sharply dressed in a fine, black suit calmly making his way to an unknown disclosed location. All that is said by the Icon himself is that he promises again that the meeting he is heading to will be the first step that leads to Aces & Eights going down and the rise of him and his forming family going up.

After another commercial break we find ourselves once again with Sting. This time though we can see Sting plain as day but whoever he is talking with is masked in the shadows off to our left. Sting proposes that he and the man the shadows promise one another that from here on out they are both “all in” for shutting down the Aces & Eights while having their own style of fun while doing it.

A handshake seals the agreement and we leave them both alone…for now.


Match #3.

Hernandez stands alone.

Hernandez takes no time in calling out…Christopher Daniels.

Things start off fortunately for Daniels as he starts things off by working on his challenger’s tree-trunk sized legs. Unfortunately, Hernandez p-u-m-p-s himself back into the match and works his way into a suicide dive out of the ring. Both men take whatever they can to the other and make things look good until Daniels has the referee looking away and strikes Hernandez with a swift kick between those tree trunk legs of his. And after his moonsault, penned as being the ‘Best MoonSault Ever’, Daniels walks away with a pin fall win.

Results: Christopher Daniels wins by pin fall and gets 7 points.


Match #4.

The other member of ‘Bad Attitude’, Kazarian, is now left with his own decision to make. Kazarian decides to call out…Magnus.

Kazarian and Magnus push their fortified will and tests of strength onto the other for the majority of this match up.  One thing led to another, each man getting the best of the other, and it all rounded off with a Texas Clover Leaf submission by Magnus.

Results: Magnus wins by submission and gains 10 points.


Backstage again.

Hulk and Brooke Hogan are confronting one another. Hulk wants to fight Bully Ray but Bully Ray wants Hulk to question why Brooke stopped him from striking Bully Ray last week. Not getting two words in at any time ends with Brooke walking away from her father in silence.

We are back in the ring, but not for a match. This time is being used by Brooke Hogan for a “state of the Divas’ division announcement”. Brooke starts it off by calling for all the TNA knock outs to the ring. Nearly everyone does as they’re told which forces Brooke to call Mickie James to the ring.

Mickie James steps forward and starts to speak as the self entitled spokesperson for the entire knock out division. But Brooke is quick to regain the controls of this ring time and gets down to business.

1st. Eric Young & ODB vacated the Knock Outs tag team championships belts due to the anatomical detail of Eric Young not being a qualified Knock Out. The news is taken well as shown by the now former Knock Out tag team champions kissing one another (more so Young being the doer and ODB being the receiver.)

2nd. Velvet Sky gets her rematch against Mickie James next week.  Enough said for now…

3rd. Gail Kim gets her rematch against Taryn Terrell at the next TNA pay-per-view…in a ladder match.

And that ends this segment.


We are then whisked to the backstage area where Hulk and Brooke Hogan are facing one another again. And once again, Hulk is the one who does the majority of the talking. Hulk tells that now that she finished her business for the night that she is to leave the arena and go back to her hotel room before Bully Ray makes her question things again. Being the perpetual perfect ‘daddy’s girl’, Brooke does as she is told and is chauffeured away.


Match #5.

Process of elimination saves us from another call out session and leads us to seeing Samoa Joe versus AJ Styles.

While AJ decided to start things off by stating aloud with microphone in hand that everything he has done as of late and everything he will be doing from here on out will be for him and nothing else, Joe decides to say nothing. Instead he brings the fight right to the phenomenal one.

With both men already having a met more than a few times in the ring, the familiarity with one another becomes more and more evident as the match progressed by way of each reversing some moves and sliding out of the rest. A shared exchange of two counts and near submissions, in hindsight, could have only led them, and the viewing public, to that which ended up being the eventual end to this match up.

A time limit draw. A result that neither man is content with, Joe less so than AJ, but a result that both men have no other choice but to accept.

Results: Draw; both men earn 2 points.


We witness Bully Ray talking on the phone to Brooke Hogan, pleading with her to come back and talk with him. Stating a seemingly strong case, Bully Ray makes it sound as he’s convinced to do so and in turn sends half of his brotherhood to make sure she returns safely.

[Insert commercial break]

We jump onto the scene of Hulk Hogan talking with Sabin, Kenny King, and Suicide. Hulk announces that next week these three men will meet in a triple threat match for the X-Division championship title. And if that was not good enough, he adds to the equation that that winner will then be given the choice to vacate the title in exchange for a title shot at the TNA Heavyweight Championship.


Match #6.  MAIN EVENT

Jeff Hardy –v- Bobby Roode

Not waiting for both men to get into the ring, Roode starts the fighting part of tonight’s main event whilst his opponent is still making his way down the ramp way. The ‘It factor’ then personally escorts Hardy into the ring to make it official and follows through with a mixed mat and ring apron assisted attack. After a series of shots to his neck, back, and legs; Hardy does solve the attack with a big boot from the corner and a solid splash from the top rope. And the final answer for this night’s final match comes soon thereafter by way of two ‘Twists of Fate’s

Results: Jeff Hardy wins by pin fall and gets 7 points.


With the ring now empty Bully Ray takes his time to enter the ring, and he goes there on his own. The current TNA Heavyweight champion proclaims that even with 15 men (wrestling math of combining all the participants in this year’s Bound for Glory tournament and those involved in next week’s X Division triple threat) aiming to take away the belt from him, that all that still won’t be enough to get the job done. And with that he calls on Brooke Hogan to join him in the ring.

Alas, it is not Brooke who joins him in the ring, but Sting does.

Pushing his luck, Sting says the right things to have Bully Ray call for Aces & Eights to join him and take care of the Icon for him. This time no one at all answers. Bully Ray calls out again. And again no one answers. But the titan tron at the top of the ramp way does show us why…it shows the remaining members of Aces & Eights laying out cold somewhere in the backstage area.

Seeing this, Bully Ray quickly makes his way out of the ring, thanks to Sting knocking him in that direction, and starts to walk backwards up the ramp to make sure Sting does not attack him further. Nearly out of what he thinks to be harm’s way is when the second member of the ‘Main Event Mafia’ makes his identity known to all.

Kurt Angle shows his face and then shoots Bully Ray into an Olympic sized world of hurt by way of securing his patented ‘Angle Lock’ in mere moments. With the TNA Champion now screaming in pain, with no where for him to go, and no one to come to him…this is when Sting brings himself to face to face with Ray yelling words of revenge and foreshadowing how this merely the beginning to their downfall.

And that is when the camera pulls calmly away from the scene and fades away to black.


Official Review:

I have nothing good or bad to say about the 12 men entered in this year’s BFG tournament, so what I will do is say what I think of the matches and the tournament thus far of itself. To say that it was easy to predict who Jeff Hardy was going to call out being elementary and obvious before he was even given the microphone would be more than a mere understatement. That being said, allow me to put forward that in my opinion the main event was good overall. Not the winner that myself would have liked but a win that even I understand why it happened that way.

As for the other matches on this night’s line up, to make it short and sweet; the match that I was most entertained and impressed with was Hernandez versus Christopher Daniels thanks to Hernandez showing how he can nearly fly in and out of the ring and to Daniels showing ring awareness and some of the best moves of the night overall.

Not taking anything or at least not too much away from all we saw this night, the match up I was least impressed and entertained by was Hulk Hogan versus Brooke Hogan. Technically, I know that they were not in anything officially resembling a match but them facing off against each other, I was sure another controversial step was going to be made by either of them and we would then be closer to some sort of official squaring off in the ring. But I guess that that was not meant to be…or at least not this week.

In the end, having Kurt Angle as the second member of the ‘Main Event Mafia’ was neither inspiring nor disparaging to any degree. To share with you my (potentially undereducated) opinion, I was thinking almost hoping to see them have someone like Abyss or Matt Morgan or Rob Terry or even (strap in for this name) Jeff Jarrett. But then again, that was just me thinking…and apparently I was thinking too far out in right field. It may be interesting to find out how Sting will explain why Angle is now with him, or to have Kurt rationalize why he joined the Mafia. But for now, this is where we all sit until next week.