My Wife’s PPV Picks: Payback


Years ago, before she was my wife, she used to sit on the phone with me while I watched Raw Is War. I would tell her what match was next and ask her who would win. Having never watched wrestling before, she picked the winners without fail.

These days, she still doesn’t watch wrestling, except for the few WWE Live shows I’ve dragged her out to.

I’ve decided to put her picks up against mine, and pass them on to you.




Sheamus vs Damien Sandow

Sideshow: Sheamus

The weeks leading up to the PPV, Sheamus has proven to kids everywhere that physical strength is more important than smart people brains.

Mrs. Show: Sheamus

Because I like him better.


AJ vs Kaitlyn (Diva’s Championship)


Sideshow: AJ

AJ has way more momentum going into the PPV. I’d just rather see AJ with the title.

Mrs. Show: AJ

She’s a bad guy


The Miz vs Curtis Axel vs Wade Barrett (Intercontinental Championship)


Sideshow: Curtis Axel

It just can’t imagine anyone taking down Curtis Axel right now. The IC title will be just the launching pad he needs.


Mrs. Show: Wade Barrett

Go with the guy with the belt.


Randy Orton & Daniel Bryan (Team RKNO) vs The Shield (Tag Team Championship)


Sideshow: The Sheild

At first I thought a win for RKNO would make room for more fighting between Kane and Daniel Brian. But I think that story is played out. I loved Team Hell No, but I think Bryan is well on his way to making a big impact in singles competition again.


Mrs. Show: Team RKNO

I tried to balance out my good guys winning versus my bad guys winning. It was the good guys’ turn.


Kane vs Dean Ambrose (United States Championship)


Sideshow: Dean Ambrose

The Shield has way too much momentum for Ambrose to drop the US title. I’d like too see something new for Kane.


Mrs. Show: Kane

I know him better.


Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler (World Heavyweight Championship)


Sideshow: Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler hasn’t had a chance to shine as champion yet. Now that he’s back we’ll get too see that.


Mrs. Show: Dolph Ziggler

He’s such a good “bad guy.”


3 Stages Of Hell Match

Ryback vs John Cena (WWE Championship)


Sideshow: John Cena

As much as I’d like to see Ryabck take this, I just imagine the WWE will want to keep the title on their franchise player, at least until a major PPV.


Mrs. Show: Ryback

He was nice to me in Kingston and John Cena wasn’t.


Chris Jericho vs CM Punk


Sideshow: CM Punk

I can’t see this going any other way. We need Punk back really badly. As many others have said, a hometown show for Punk and some time off may bring on a face turn.


Mrs. Show: CM Punk

I love him! Even if he is a jerk.