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Tommy Dreamer - Follow him on Twitter at @THETOMMYDREAMER

Tommy Dreamer – Follow him on Twitter at @THETOMMYDREAMER

Originally Published: 11/12/11
Kingston Whig Standard

Whig-Standard editor’s note: Today, the Whig- Standard introduces a column by legendary hardcore wrestler Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer’s illustrious career has seen him star inside the squared circle worldwide and for such promotions as World Wrestling Entertainment, Extreme Championship Wrestling and Total Nonstop Action. Dreamer will periodically share his thoughts and experiences with Whig readers in the pages of this section. Watch for future columns, follow Dreamer on Twitter — @THETOMMYDREAMER and check out his website at
Growing up as a kid in my house, we had three newspapers delivered each day; the New York Daily News, the New York Post and the local paper, the Westchester Journal. On Sundays, the New York Times was there as well.

My dad was addicted to information. He had his favourite sports writers. He wanted to know what was going on all over the world. He had five master’s degrees and went to law and medical school, but in the end gave up his father’s dream of him being a lawyer or doctor to teach and help other people.

I remember clipping articles out of the newspaper if they had my favourite sports team winning a championship; such things as a great picture taken that would show an athlete in their celebration of success, or the bitterness and agony of defeat.

Today most people get the news on a laptop or computer. In my opinion, it isn’t the same. I still buy a newspaper when I am travelling, for many reasons. One, I like the feel of it; the texture or holding the paper in my hands. Two, I enjoy reading journalists’ recapping of events; hiding my face and escaping into the article.

If that’s not enough, I also remember using the newspaper as the best way to get my wet sneakers dry; or my mom saying to me “let me put some newspaper down on the floor” if I was colouring with markers; or the joy and proud feeling of my dad letting me throw bundled up newspaper into the fire as my family watched TV in the winter.

So I guess I am a newspaper guy. You can’t use a laptop to dry your sneakers or throw it into your fireplace.

When asked to write a column for the newspaper, I was apprehensive. I had concerns about why people would want to read anything about what I have to say.

Having been a professional wrestler for more than 22 years, admittedly, telling stories is comical, but I would have to censor most of them for a politically correct newspaper.

In this day and age — where if you get arrested, have a drug overdose or get divorced seems to make more national news than your entire career of entertaining millions, travelling the world over and loving what you do for a living, and getting paid while doing so — would anyone want to read the ramblings of a man known for being The Extreme Original?

Or would they simply want to read about my life experiences and try to relate to a regular guy who is living his dream? A dream, it should be noted, that started when he was nine years old.

I mean everyone has a dream. Everyone has hopes and desires, but due to real-life circumstances, they don’t always work out.

Again, would people want to read how hard work, passion and a never-say-defeat attitude can help persevere? Would they want to know that with every defeating situation, you can learn from it? Evaluate the defeat and move forward in life. Nobody is going to come knocking on your door and hand you your dream. Your own will to better yourself will help you come closer to achieving that goal. You must pursue it. Catching breaks and luck help as well.

Again, I wondered: will anyone want to read positive stories or the comical adventures of a 40-year-old man that lived life like a rock star and now has twin daughters who dominate his life? I mean, who would care about Tommy Dreamer volunteering for class trips and decorating ginger bread houses for the school?

I used to wear a crimson mask when I wrestled and now some first grade teacher has a picture of me wearing a crimson cooking apron. Why would anyone want to read about how it is hard to adapt in the real world after travelling the globe?

Do you think it is easy traveling with a seven-foot-two Indian giant and a four-foot little person dressed as a leprechaun? Walking into a restraunt was awkward. It was a photo-op every place we went.

The news, in general, is full of sad stories, after all. Would people want to actually laugh and be entertained? Would people read something and actually get motivated to change their lives, or at least escape from it for a brief moment? Life is a lot like wrestling; every time you get knocked down, you need to get back up. Would anyone want to read what I have to say? I guess you just did.

Thanks so much for reading. Enjoy your day.