Guest Column: Mat D’Angelo looks at The Destruction of the Shield

Editors Note:  We at are honoured to feature this piece written by Mat D’Angelo. Mat is a great friend of mine, and a passionate fan of professional wrestling on both the independent and international scale. His passion for wrestling rings through in this article, and we are happy to share it with you. Enjoy!

                         The Four Horsemen, The Nation Of Domination, The Dangerous Alliance, D-Generation X, New World Order and more to most recently The Wyatt Family. Over the years professional wrestling has seen men and some women come together to form a stable or group or faction to try and take over the world of professional wrestling. Factions like The Four Horseman who were individual champions coming together and took over their era. As much as I respect the factions of the past and some recent ones my personal favorite is The Shield. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and my number one WWE guy at the moment Seth Rollins.

                         I knew of Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose before their journey in WWE (main roster) began. I was getting into indy wrestling because of guys like Kevin Steen, El Generico and many others. I was following Ring Of Honor more and on occasion would check out some stuff at Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) but wasn’t much of a hardcore, blood bath, death match type guy if you will. Seth Rollins then known as Tyler Black stood out to me and was always one ROH guy I would want to see and meet. Dean Ambrose then known as Jon Moxley was great in my books. Roman Reigns however, I wasn’t sure about. I didn’t follow Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) much and didn’t get into NXT till later so at the start of The Shield I was skeptical on Reigns and just thought…he is just there. The Shield started to dominate and dominated everyone. It began at the Survivor Series when the trio interrupted the triple threat title match and caused John Cena and Ryback the chance at capturing the WWE title. Punk retained the WWE title so I was happy. Dean Ambrose would go on to win the United States title while Reigns and Rollins captured the tag team titles and that is when the group as a whole started to stick out to me. Fast forward to about a year later when they collided with The Wyatt Family in some of the most action packed, entertaining and exciting matches I’ve seen on a WWE show in quite some time. I began to really like Roman Reigns. The more I saw him, the more I liked him. He was doing his part in the group and doing it well. Their six man tag team match at this year’s WRESTLEMANIA 30 was pure dominant. They defeated The New Age Outlaws, former DX members (speaking of factions) and Kane who at one time was also in a faction.

                       Then in a short feud with another establised faction called Evolution, they brought out the best of Evolution in my book. Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton went to war with The Shield and at the end of that feud The Shield stood tall. That feud showed that a new era has begun but the likes of a Triple H, Orton and Batista could still hang with the best (and youngest) of them. Ok, I questioned Batista the past while but regardless it was still a great feud and was excited to see the rematch and all that. Then it was time. Then like all good things (and factions) it had to come to an end.  Batista took off and Seth Rollins took the spot. He turned on The Shield and joined forces with The Authority. He didn’t “sell out” people….he “bought in”.  This to me allowed new and fresh stories and to see each one rise to new heights. It was a chance to see each one shine individually. They work well and mesh well tremendously togther and as we’ve seen, they are damn exciting to watch against each other. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins from Summerslam on August 17th of this year then the following night on RAW as well. Heels or faces, win or lose, together or agianst each other, The Shield has captivated the world of professional wrestling the past couple of years and for me it is just the beginning. The beginning of something special for years to come.

                        The Destruction Of The Shield is the story of three guys who have different stories and paths in life but shared the same dream, the same passion, the same goal. The passion of professional wrestling and being the best at what they do. This is a story of three different guys, three different characters or personalities coming together as one to reign supreme and take over the sport of professional wrestling. Take over their era of sports and entertaininment. They joined forces to dominate and get to the top. This is a story of three guys coming together and getting to where they needed to be and now have gone seperate ways to claim the the top spot. The top spot of being  World Heavyweight Champion. The bragging rights of being called the best. Seth currently holds the money in the bank briefcase and I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Dean Ambrose and I have a feeling we’ll see many more exciting encounters between the two. I personally wouldn’t mind a ladder match with the case high above the ring. As for Roman, well looks like he’ll just be smashing his way to the top. If I had it my way and could write the story to this incredible journey, I would have one go into WRESTLEMANIA as champion and the other two as challengers (again….just me).

                                    The architect and brains of Rollins, the crazy lunatic Ambrose and the power house Reigns all brought something different to the table and each made The Shield one of the most exciting and captivating groups in professional wrestling history. The way Seth Rollins flies and his style makes him my top WWE guy. I love the unpredictablility of Ambrose and the sure power and smash mouth style of Reings. This is what made them my favorite faction of all time (by the way…..Three Count comes close). Along with CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and The Wyatts, it was The Shield who brought out my passion and excitment for the WWE again. Now that they, The Shield are no longer together I think we will still see some damn amazing things from the three former Shield members for years to come.

                                   Together, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns were great and I think we’ll see how amazing each one is individually. Folks, it is a great time to be a professional wrestling fan and it is guys like Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns that make it a great time. I as a passionate fan of all professional wrestling recommend Journey to Summerslam: Destruction of The Shield. An inspiring and motivating story that shows that no matter what you have gone through anything is possible. One steamed rolled through ROH, one wrecked havoc and captivated with his promos and the other just simply learned and smashed his way up. They came together and formed one of the best factions to ever step foot in a professional wrestling ring. They split up but remain three of the top dogs in the business today. With hard work and passion and dedication, in a short time they have become three of the best and most popular stars today.  A story that with hard work and dedication dreams do come true. Check it out and you’ll see why it is a great time to be a professional wrestling fan.